I Can Has Cheezburger?


tumblr thread and posts about a rooster who always lets hens eat snacks first unless its blueberries thumbnail includes a picture of a rooster and the caption 'Text - samandriel Follow the same rooster - god guys he's so cute - he always lets hens eat treats first and won't have any treats until they've had as much as they want, unless it's a blueberry. shit, blueberries are like serious fucking business for Pharaoh. he's a gentleman until the damn blueberries come out and then he don't play no'

Tumblr Thread: Gentleman Rooster Always Lets Lady Friends Eat First

...unless it's blueberries.
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aww cat gentleman cute good boy handsome Cats - 1078790

Duman The Cat Is The Purrfect Gentleman (Video)

Duman waits outside a restaurant and never bothers any customers
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I Would Be Ever So Grateful!

cat fancy gentleman ice cream lolcat share - 6084015872
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This Offence Will Not Stand

good day sir turtle gentleman offended - 6590731008
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Lolcats: SMASHING!

captions Cats fancy gentleman lolcats mustache - 6574164992
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Well, sir

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but caption captioned cat caveat charming gentleman - 4559109376
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fud gentleman lolcats nom nom nom officer polite soldier - 1491803904
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