I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of a cat gently pulling away when a person touches its paw thumbnail includes a picture of a cat sleeping and a human touching the cat

Cat Politely Declines Having Its Toe Beans Touched (Video)

pwease no
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video of a puppy and a baby meeting for the first time thumbnail includes a picture of a puppy gentle biting a baby's hand looking up at the baby with its puppy eyes

Baby Puppy Meets Baby Human (Video)

gentle puppy with widdle baby
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koko gorilla kittens cute bonding kitten love beautiful animals video youtube

Koko The Gentle Gorilla Bonds With Kitten (Video)

We miss you, Koko
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twitter tweets gentle golden retriever - 4715013

Women on Twitter Just Proved How Gentle Golden Retrievers Can Be

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german shepherd eggs gentle Video - 394503

You've Gotta See What This German Shepherd Does With an Egg

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german shepherd birds quail gentle Video - 352519

German Shepherd Meets a Covey of Tiny Quails and Has the Best Reaction

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floof cherry sweet gentle Cats Video - 80918273

When You Want the Cherry, but You Don't Want to Hurt It

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giant pitbull gentle Video - 69248001

Hulk the 175-Pound Pit Bull is a Gentle Giant

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Gus the Gentle Giant Likes to Eat from Chopsticks

labrador gifs giant gentle - 8402547968
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Great and Small

butterflies cute gentle lions - 8226837248
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The Gentle Guardian

Babies pitbull gentle - 8183985152
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Are You My Mommy?

birds gentle so cute - 8169533184
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games kitten cute gentle Video - 60470785

Playing Whac-a-Mole With Kittens!

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I Can Has Bubble?

cute bubbles gentle - 8159823616
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I'll Help Sniff Out Your Mama

cute deer help gentle fawn - 8157312768
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He's All Gums

Balloons cute gentle - 8010780160
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