I Can Has Cheezburger?


An hoomans are teh wunz in charge?

pets fence under rule no genius same - 8742202880
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drinking water world domination clever genius Cats - 69770241

Cat Drinks From Water Cooler, World Domination is Next Step

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After This We Master the Fire Extinguisher

training genius - 8425737216
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catnip genius funny - 58701569

Direct Mail Targets Your Kitty!

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Stroke of Genius in the World of a Cat

Cats cute genius - 7936540928
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This Is Pure Genius

kardashians raccoon evil TV genius - 7514560000
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Eventually the Others Found Out...

grass deer camouflage genius - 6784842496
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song australian shepherd genius horse - 6693590016
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Maybe Not the Cleverest Kitteh in the Litter...

Cats FAIL genius Memes stupid why - 6459312896
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Goggeh has brain like a sponge.

genius what breed - 6411362304
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cat genius I Can Has Cheezburger moon String Theory - 5558814976
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evil genius plan

after best of the week caption captioned cat catnip contemplating domination effect evil fun genius Hall of Fame kicking in nip once plan think thinking world - 4710234880
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blue heeler fashion genius groomer haircut insulting looking good mean mixed breed new picking on poodle sarcasm style - 3978969600
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how low can you go

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