Pixie of 'Pixie And Brutus' Summons A Genie (Comic)

One of our favorite reoccurring series, "Pixie and Brutus," is back with another adorably and hilarious comic that we felt we must share! We hope you love "Pixie and Brutus" as much as we do because we certainly can't get enough of this wholesome duo!

"Pixie and Brutus" is a comic series about a retired military dog and his life with a tiny, naive, and innocent kitten named Pixie, who Brutus adores and ultimately, works hard on guarding her innocence. The series is created by the talented Ben Hed, who creates other animal-related comics as well! If you're not following Ben Hed, also known as Pet_foolery, on Instagram, then what exactly are you doing with your life? 

newest pixie and brutus comic where pixie summons a genie - thumbnail of two comic panels where pixie is summoning a genie who happens to be brutus | Wowee shiny lamp! Holy moly am all powerful genie shall grant 3 wishes thou who hast summoned
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