I Can Has Cheezburger?


viral imgur threads about someone building a custom gate for their garage so their dog could look at the neighborhood thumbnail includes two pictures including a garage with a custom gate and a dog leaning on it

User Builds Gate At Their Garage For Their Dog To Watch The Neighborhood

Gotta go the extra mile for your baby's happiness.
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Don't Listen to the Sign, Human

dont listen to the sign human
Via twasntmethough

You shouldn't even try

guard dog rottweiler gate you shall not pass - 6813347840
By Unknown

I Has A Hotdog: Are you feelin lucky?

bulldog gate grumpy luck lucky - 6176555008
See all captions By roniharvey

Any chance we

any gate german shepherd make mixed breed out question - 4228592896
See all captions By MsKittykittyPusspussMeow


best of the week gate Hall of Fame i has a hotdog open puppy trying whatbreed - 4792311296
See all captions By Unknown

I wish't I

beagle fence gate good puppy secret secret agent stuck wish - 4701040384
See all captions By Unknown

ooh hey there

accident asking begging gate help Hey human husky question stuck trapped - 4645773568
See all captions By Da_bunny25


animated gifs confused gate gifs Owl surprised wtf - 4476588544
By Unknown


dont-care gate obstacle snow unafraid whatbreed - 4447869184
See all captions By leamarie

I can has early parole for good behavior?

behavior gate good jail whatbreed - 3132628480
See all captions By Tenma_sensei


gate great dane steps tall - 2999701760
See all captions By meloniem


baby chihuahua escape freedom gate human - 2714650368
See all captions By DocJ


climbing down gate kids kitten labrador lolcats - 2704353280
See all captions By Unknown


boxer gate kitchen relationship trapped - 2400082176
See all captions By risingmoon


baby doberman pinscher gate guard dog human keys movies - 2309258496
See all captions By willowscry
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