Animals Of Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: Zeus, The Blind Owl

Once a week, we will be featuring an extraordinary animal account on Instagram! Their story, the adorable pictures, and pawesome videos! This week's spotlight goes to Zeus, the blind owl! 

You've probably seen Zeus before, he went viral for his incredible peepers! Eyes that look as if they contain the whole universe and all the answers to the unknown. When we hear or think of a 'Wise Owl,' it's Zeus who we think of. Zeus may be blind but he sure has the most enchanting eyes.

Zeus is a Western Screech Owl with a great wingspan. On his Instagram, it is mentioned that he has about 10% of his vision, and is able to see shapes and memorize his immediate surroundings. He currently is being cared for at the Wildlife Learning Center in Los Angeles, California. The wildlife center's mission is to "provide public education that inspires people to care for our wildlife, to care for our environment, to develop a deep interest in the life sciences, and to give loving care and sanctuary to animals in need." 

Find out how you can help them accomplish their mission and how you can help Zeus. 

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zeus the blind owl and his eyes that look like galaxies - thumbnail includes two images of zeus and his galaxy eyes big round deep blue eyes with white flecks speckles like stars constellations
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