Artist Creates Creepy Yet Very Cute Fantasy Dolls

23-year-old artist from Moscow, has created these colorful creatures that we aren't too sure if they creep us out... or are jsut really cute. The kind of even look like distant relatives of those once popular toy Furbies. But, either way, creepy or cute these tiny creatures have been selling like crazy! 

Santani, which is the artist's nickname on deviantart and vkontakte, uses doll plastics like fimo clay, cernit, sculpey and sonet combined with fabric fur to create these detailed fantasy animal dolls. She started sculpting the dolls and putting them on the Internet only seven years ago. Santani's style has changed a lot since then and her initially monstrous and scary sculptures evolved into less frightening and more beautiful dolls. 

You can find them creepy and cute, but there's one thing for sure... they are in great demand. Check her out here: 

Source: santani.deviantart.com

And enjoy!

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do something furby adoptable Cats - 7675339264
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Some may say Furby looks like an alien, but we think she looks like the perfect pet. She's hesitant with strangers at first, but warms up easily and then becomes quite outgoing. She'd prefer not to be picked up, though she does love to rub all over friendly people and sit next to them for a petting session. She's more on the couch potato end of the spectrum, but has been known to play with ping pong balls sometimes. She also loves to be brushed!

She currently lives at Norwalk, Connecticut's Pet Animal Welfare Society. PAWS is a network of volunteers who provide shelter, medical care and affection while finding loving homes for homeless and abused dogs and cats.

Do you know anyone in Connecticut who could give this lovely girl a home? Share her profile with anyone you know who could help out. Then visit picsforpets.org to find out how you can help other pets near you just by hitting the share button.