I Can Has Cheezburger?


Irving the Philosopher

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Just Wait Until PETA Finds Out

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A Whole Lotta Cat!

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Who Knew That Such Soft Fur Would be on a Bird?!

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This Fur Pattern is Called a "Thinking Ginger"

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A Chip Off the Old Spot

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Buy One, Get One Furry

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I'll Have That Half and Half With My Morning Coffee!

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Now I Know how you Must Feel When I Watch you Shower...

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Kitty has you There...

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Cat with a Fancy Vest or Unique Fur Coat?

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Big Furry Friend Maybe a Bit Too Furry

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Could Always Use Some Extra Padding

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Do It Right This Second! I'm Freezing!

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Maybe They're Born With It, Maybe its Maybelline

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