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17 images of cats and text advice for shy cat | thumbnail cat under blanket in background blue text box foreground

Adopting A Shy Cat: Tips And Advice To Help Your Shy Kitty Warm Up

We cat owners know that most cats have no problem whatsoever letting you know what they want, when they want it, and how urgent their need (whatever it may be) is. However, that kind of trust and comfortability does not happen overnight! Some kitty cats take longer to warm up to their owners than others, and some cats are just more on the shy side. Ain't nothing wrong with that. Nope, not one bit. We as cat owners want to provide the most enriching and comfortable environments for our cats, and…
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10 cat memes | thumbnail left how to prepare for zoom meeting cat meme, thumbnail right when sharon asks a question cat meme

Witty Kitty Memes For The Feline Lovers Amongst Us

Witty kitty meme lovers where you at? Well, let us tell you where you should be, and that's right heckin here! The humor that our silly kitties inspire is unparalleled to any other! That's right, we're cat ladies and we're proud, you should be too! We're bringing you some fresh feline humor from us right to your screens. We recommend scrolling through with a furry friend so that the whole squad gets to enjoy the humor! It's no secret that we love memes. It's also no secret that we love cats. Wh…
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13 images of marley and sherman instagram cats | thumbnail left marley and sherman grumpy, thumbnail right grumpy cat face

Instafamous Grumpy Cat Duo Serving Cuteness On A Tuna Platter

Today we're shining the spotlight on an instafamous grumpy cat duo that are known for serving up both cuteness and catitude. In 2019, cat and meme lovers everywhere mourned when Tardar Sauce, better known as Grumpy Cat, passed away. Mother nature must have a sense of humor and decided to bless the internet with a new sourpuss, named Marley. “Marley Katz is a 13-year-old ginger tabby who was born with RGF (resting grump face). His expressions range from disappointed to annoyed to over it, but he…
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Caturday cat memes | thumbnail includes two memes including a cat touching a lamp 'Cat - Now I have to unplug my _lamp at night. Because this furry bastard learned how to turn it on. And he turns it on every time he's hungry in the middle of the night.' and two buttons that look like cat eyes 'Cat - For a couple of minutes I talked to the laundry thinking that it was my black cat. Felt pretty stupid when i realised that those were buttons and not her eyes...'

Laughing All The Troubles Away On This Pawsome Caturday

Happy Caturday!
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a collection of posts about cats | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat sleeping on someone's lap 'After 6 months of hiding under the couch and being terrified of me, my little adopted boy finally decided I was trustworthy. I cannot put into words how happy I am(: u/FormalOccasionKoi'

Cat Medley: Cuteness Galore, Funnies, Rescues, And Appreciation

The best kitty cats.
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video of cats looking for hidden treats | thumbnail left owner hiding treats, thumbnail right cats searching for treats

Owner Hides Treats From Cats Then Watches As They Scavenge (Video)

Watch as this pet owner strategically hides kitty treats under his blanket, and then records his cats' reactions. You can tell that these felines are on high alert for something suspicious as soon as they enter the bedroom vicinity because their tails perk up super high and they are seen giving the air a few thorough sniffs. The cat owner, in the meantime, tries to give them a hint by calling the cats closer to his bedroom, where the treats have been stashed! When they arrive to the bed, it's g…
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wholesome hilarious adorable heartwarming funny cats uplifting cat tweets silly funny tweets funny - 15005445

Twitter Thread: Cool Cats In Cooler Fridges

Howdy boys and girls. Those who have cats, may be familiar with this concept. Cats in fridges. Boom. One reason cats like going in the fridge is that the fridge is where you keep all that tasty food. They can usually smell the food too. As well as cat food, your fridge also contains lots of forbidden treats. Cats often hanker after human food that they shouldn't have, or should only have in moderation. Today we came across a thread of cool cats that enjoy hanging out in even cooler fridges. The…
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collection of tumblr posts about cats' weird habits | thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - dangerousmoron Follow "Heh, yeah," I say as I take not one, but two cat toys out of the half full cat food bowl, because my house cat that hasn't had to hide her leftovers from predators a day in her one year of being alive always tries to cover it up, compulsively scraping over the floor, sometimes overturning her dry food or water bowl in the prcess. 231,364 notes'

Goofy Cats And Their Most Hissterical Habits (Tumblr Posts)

Dumb*sses that we cannot help but love.
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5 videos of cats | thumbnail left cat kicking brick against wall, thumbnail right cat stretched in weird position

Insta Cats: Funniest, Cutest, Most Purrfect Cat Videos Of The Week

Good morning to all and to all a good day. It's almost time to start another exciting week! And you know what that means …it's time for our top five Insta cat videos ! This is the perfect boost of energy for those dreading Monday. As we prepare ourselves mentally and physically for the upcoming work week, don't forget to take a moment to recharge before diving in. You deserve it! Catch up with that friend you've lost touch with, make a cup of coffee and curl up with a good book, hit the gym, or…
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Caturday cat memes | thumbnail includes two memes including a surprised cat 'Cat - when you walk in an unlocked bathroom and find someone sitting on the toilet looking at you like this' and a cat with an exclamation point fur pattern 'Cat - This is my cat Paco. I also call her exclamation butt'

Caterrific Caturday Celebration: Fresh Cat Memes

Happy Caturday!
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This week’s collection of cat tweets | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat lying on a cat wheel and one tweet 'Product - Dr Nicole Ackermans (she/her) ... @AckermansNicole Get a cat wheel so your cat will exercise they said 6:07 PM · Aug 7, 2021 Twitter for Android 33.7K Retweets 1,255 Quote Tweets 271.3K Likes'

The Week's Most Supurrb Cat Tweets (August 13)

Cat twitter purrfection.
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20 cat memes | thumbnail left im adopted cat meme, thumbnail right I am both a goddess and a jerk cat meme

Top 20 Memes of The Week - Cheezburger Users Edition #206

It's Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday! Oh hey there, didn't see ya. We were just getting into our jam zone with a little Friday classic. It's safe to say we've been waiting for this day since we woke up last Saturday morning. As a wise person once said: " Kickin' in the front seat. Sittin' in the back seat. Gotta make my mind up. Which seat can I take?" You can take whichever seat is next to a cat! This is our moment to rejoice in the wholesome goodness that is all things cat ! Thanks to …
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17 instagram pictures and tweets about international cat day | thumbnail left dolly parton tweet, thumbnail right taylor swift and selena gomez holding cat, tweet text foreground

Celebrating International Cat Day 2021 With A Purrific Feline Mash Up

Hello to all of our cat lovers out there near and far! In case you didn't get the memo, we are celebrating our favorite holiday of the year! We might be a couple days late, but we're going to party so hard that you won't be able to tell! Meow. That's cat for let's get this party started. It's International Cat Day, can we get a heck to the yeah? A cause for celebration like this comes once a year, so stock up on tuna cans and cat nip, because this could get wild. Let's learn a bit more about ho…
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 18 images of pets with bee stings | thumbnail left cat with swollen paw, thumbnail right dog with swollen face

How To Deal With Hilariously Painful Pet Bee Stings

Have you ever been stung by a bee? Oh boy do they hurt! Bee stings generally cause pain and swelling to various degrees depending on how individual each person or animal's body reacts. Our crazy pets are well known for getting into all kinds of mischief! These shenanigan searcher outers often find themselves in some less than ideal situations that their owners must rescue them from. While the majority of pets are not allergic to bee stings therefore they are not fatal, it is super important to …
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15 silly cat gifs | thumbnail left cat and human office desk, thumbnail right chonky cat in stroller

14 Silly Gifs Of Cats Causing Adorable Mischief

Howdy to all of our friends and viewers near and far! We can always appreciate a little boost of feline humor in the form of cats causing chaos, regardless of day, time, place, state of mind, everything. Cats are simply always relevant. Four legged felines are trouble makers by birth, and if anyone is an expert on how to cause a ruckus it would be your "friendly" neighborhood cat. Cats are pretty much purrfect. As much as they are awwdorable they are equally mischievous! Take a moment to relax,…
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12 cats with open mouths and teefies | thumbnail left cat with mouth wide open teefies visible, thumbnail right cat winking and with mouth open

12 Super Silly Wide Open Kitty Mouths

Hello folks and to all a good day! You ever laugh so hard that your mouth just refuses to close for awhile? Or perhaps you just got the surprise of a lifetime and, yet again, your mouth refuses to close. This series of silly kitties knows just the feeling. Their awwdorable kitty mouths seem to be perpetually open, but in the cutest possible way. You'll see. We're not sure if the cameras caught these kitties in the middle of an evil laugh, but it certainly looks like it. We here at Cheezburger l…
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