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funny birds

funny photos of birds acting like jerks | thumbnail includes a picture of a parrot shoving a glass off a table and a picture of a pelican trying to eat a cat

Bird Hijinks Ruining Everything For Everyone: A Thread Of Birbs Being Jerks

Birbs are jerks.
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collection of bird memes | thumbnail includes two memes including a large bird and small bird holding the same branch 'Bird - branch manager and his assistant branch manager' and pelican catching a breadstick midair with a tiny shocked bird behind it 'Vertebrate - Me MY 29TH BREADSTICK OLIVE GARDEN WAITRESS WHO'S ABOUT TO HAVE TO BRING ME MORE'

27 Chirpful And A Hint Intimidating Bird Memes

Fresh bird meme goodies.
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tumblr thread about a bird that keeps messing with the dog thumbnail includes a picture of a confused looking dog and the caption 'Text - kingtcholla Follow MY BIRD IS SITTING IN THE TOP CORNER OF HER CAGE CALLING MY DOG’S NAME AND ASKING IF HE WANTS A TREAT AND IF HE WANTS TO GO TO OUTSIDE AND HE'S TOO STUPID TO REALIZE IT’S HER SO EVERYTIME SHE SAYS SOMETHING HE LOOKS AT ME LIKE'

Tumblr Thread: Jerk Parrot Messing With Dog

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funny and intense bird memes - thumbnail of two birb memes one of a bird with spread feet on two cushions "both seats are occupied" and one of a pigeon wearing bread around its neck "a symbol of wealth amongst the pigeon community"

Intense Bird Memes To Ruffle Some Feathers (40 Memes)

Bring out the birbon
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funny photoshops and edits of birds with human arms | office bird holding a mug | buff bird flexing muscular arms

Birds With Arms Makes For Entertaining Photo Series

Photoshopped arms on bird photos
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Funny Reviews About The Nesting Styles Of Different Birds | White tern -This is it. This is the nest -A failure to recognize the fundamental impermanence of being is the source of all suffering -Taught Marie Kondo everything she knows

Funny Reviews About The Nesting Styles Of Different Birds

Nesting styles of birds
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Birds That Look Like Bernie Sanders | cute little round grey birds with a white belly and white fuzz feathers coming out from the sides of their heads like tufts of hair

Birds That Look Like Bernie Sanders Or As We Like To Call Him, Birdie Sanders

Birds That Look Like Bernie Sanders
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Funny Tumblr Posts About Birds | tumblr post iguanamouth sesame street apparently big bird isnt real bird and has been person costume this whole time. this brings into question authenticity all other birds. are some them also filled with tiny humans. do any birds actually exist #say hi say words #ibelieveinbigbird2014 pokemon hall fame 34,965 notes

It's Birb Time: Funny Tumblr Posts About Birds

Funny Tumblr Posts About Birds
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tumblr birds funny birds animal video animals - 9206789

Move Aside, Cats And Dogs. BeacuseBirds

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birds being jerks

14 Birds Who Don't Really Care About Your Rules, Humans

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Life Goals

birds literally just eat travel and shit on things they don't like
Via I waste so much time
birds arms funny photoshops

These 22 Birds With Arms Are Making Us Question What Birds Actually Look Like

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bird human arm photoshop

Internet Users Are Going All Out On Birds With Human Arms Photoshop Battle

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