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Delicious Animal Blend For A Finer Weekend (Memes And Pics)

You've made it to Saturday successfully, friends! Finally, the week has passed, it's time to rest and reset, and most importantly, it's time to chill and check out some memes. Because isn't that the best way to spend the weekend? Doing nothing but scrolling through ridiculous memes and pictures of animals, laughing your troubles away on this fine Saturday.

You can always trust us to be your animal meme providers, and you know that. Because, we here at Cheezburger, we know the power of Memes, and we know their importance. So, check out this collection, and if you're feeling the need for some more, we've gotchu covered. 

collection of animal memes thumbnail includes a meme of an octopus in a dish looking like a rock 'Some squid are very brave during their checkups and others..pretend to be rocks' and a pic of a cat sitting inside of a bra that makes it like it has a human butt
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