I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of group of capybaras eating watermelon | thumbnail left giant watermelon 97kg thumbnail right group of capybaras eating watermelon

Squad Of Capybaras Takes 220 Pound Watermelon During Snack Time (Video)

Have you ever seen a whole squad of capybaras take on an almost two hundred pound fruit? No? To be honest, neither had we, until today! What do you know about capybaras ? Not much? Allow us to help you out! Capybaras are animals from the rodent family. They grow to be about 4 feet and 100 pounds. They are super friendly and respond well to contact with humans and other animals! In this awwdorable video, we see a gigantic 220 pound watermelon being absolutely demolished by this squad of capybara…
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video of baby chipmunk eating banana

Baby Chipmunk Enjoying A Delicious Banana (Video)

Cuteness Explosion
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cute raccoon eats grapes - thumbnail of raccoon with grapes

Raccoon Graciously Allows Human A Single Grape (Video)

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cats citrus hats funny lol weird cute adorable animals cat hat fruit peel pics

The Cats In The Citrus Hats (21 Pics)

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International Elephant Day - A day celebrating the elephants and the importance of conservation along with the dangers their species faces

International Elephant Recognition Day is Here!

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a list of animals made from fruit

Mesmerizing Sculpted Fruit Dishes that Look Like Animals

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vegetables art list beauty fruit - 1684997

Intricate Fruit and Vegetable Carvings: Beautiful or Disconcerting?

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bunny Video fruit - 78575873

Who Knew Watching a Bunny Eat Fruit Could Be so Terrifying?

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...Impressed Yet?

eat food turtle fruit - 8568623104

Monkey Steals Food From Other Monkey

monkeys gifs critters fruit - 8549793280
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You Can Have a Piece Too

gifs critters kitchen fruit - 8422639872
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Porcupine Chewing on Some Fruit

porcupines gifs critters eating fruit - 8188362752
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The Fruit's in my Spot!

cute fruit snuggle sofa - 8028854784
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Is That a Piece of Owl Fruit?

fruit totally looks like - 7992703744
Via Takagaki Makoto

Pick Them at Your Own Risk

trees climbing bears weather funny fruit - 7674184704
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You Didn't Want to Eat Those Anyway, Right?

if it fits sit funny fruit - 7482231808
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