I Can Has Cheezburger?


So He Wasn't Lying!

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Those are Quite the Balloons

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He Bit Off More Than He Can...Survive

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You Can't Even See Me

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And I Just Got Out of the Pool!

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I Gotta Jump on This Before They Get Back!

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I'll be With You Until I Croak

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I Live on the Edge!

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He's So Kissable...Eventually

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Croaking Alarm Will Sound

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They're Also the Swamp's Cheer Squad

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I'm So Hoppy to be With You

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To Take My Cherry, You Must First Solve for Me These Riddles Three!

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Webbed Toes are in His Genes

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Don't You EVER Turn Your Back on Me!

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You Could be the Lucky Girl That Gets to Kiss Me!

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