I Can Has Cheezburger?


story about a kitten getting rescued and befriending a puppy | thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten hugging a dog's leg and a kitten and a puppy cuddling

Injured Kitten Gets Rescued, Immediately Chooses Puppy As Her New Family

She has basically adopted him now.
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Kittie and frend..

hurt never kitten friend love caption - 8977790976
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I Want Some TOO!

share friend caption Cats enough got - 8977004032
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For Every Rule, There Is an Exception

animals cat friend ok caption hug everything - 8811799552
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Gimme a Break!

animals cat caption break friend human request sent - 8812044800
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Reason #39842 Why Dogs Are Just the Best

adorable puppy peanut butter friend - 8810755584
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It's You And Me Against The World

cat best nobody bear friend play caption - 8587580416
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A Good Friend

cat friend egg good caption knows - 8587573760
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animals best friend caption - 8581194752
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You're Gonna Be King Someday

lions bigger fight friend cubs - 6842822400
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We All Need a Friend

raccoon friend bunny - 7400773632
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My Giraffe is Better Than Your Giraffe

baby better comparison cuddling friend Hall of Fame sloth stuffed animal - 5734746880
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Kitty is Friend

aww gifs BFFs friend Cats horse - 8452211456
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I Love You, Bro

gross friend Owl - 6934920448
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All That Retriever Training Paid Off!

friend toilet paper - 7945344256
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That's a Prickly Kiss!

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