I Can Has Cheezburger?


Check the fridge, there's a cool breeze that shouldn't be there. These chilly puns will have you thawing that heart in no time, so keep your eyes peeled.

My Food Looks Funny: What's in Your Fridge?

Cats cold food fridge hot refrigerator - 6514353664
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I know dat sound.

captions Cats fridge grandma hide - 6425294592
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Cuz it's a... wayt fur it... Hero Sammich!

food fridge jump noms sandwich - 6363491584
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cold freezing fridge Heat refrigerator - 5959677440
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fridge in the way lazy sleeping sleepy tired Video - 38825473

Animal Videos: Have You Ever Been So Tired...

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cat Cats climbing fridge gifs Spider-Man talent walk wall - 6279659008
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Cats climbing fridge refrigerators stuck Video - 38376705

Animal Videos: Kitteh's Fridge Descent

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Too Hot Outside

cold comfortable cool fridge hot husky puppy summer - 6233435648
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It Lives!

alive ew food fridge gross move scary - 6163547136
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Taking things into your own paw

cat food fridge independent lazy lolcat nom - 6053014528
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Ice Ice Husky

fridge husky ice - 5679966208
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No, I Think That's Just the Moldy Carrots

emo empty fat fat guy fridge random person wtf - 5625729536
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food fridge gifs jump jumping refrigerator want - 5574715392
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It's What's for Dinner!

delicious fridge historic lols husband kitchen meat vintage wife - 5359920128
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Not a good idea . . .

caption captioned cat do not want fridge good idea magnets not refrigerator regret stuck - 5168471040
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The Hidden Treasures Of Fridge Cat

book caption captioned cat change chips found fridge ladies money nekkid poker pr0n question - 5135504128
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