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Morning Wake Up Call: Fresh Animal Memes (October 25th, 2020)

Good morning, fellow animal lovers! You're in for a scrumptious treat this morning, a treat in the form of various animal memes! What could be more filling and satisfying?

Each week, we scour the depths of the interwebs to bring you the hottest and freshest animal memes. We love to deliver the memes all nice and hot so make sure to eat up before it gets cold! Unless you enjoy cold food, then by all means hold onto this and enjoy it at your convenience! Also, if you're a fan of leftovers, last's week animal meme meal isn't one to be missed! 

week's best top and funniest animal memes - thumbnail includes two memes one of a hamster stuffing it's face and one of a tiny baby chick in a cupcake holder tutu | have start eating healthier feeling even slightest amount stress: IG @hornyshrimp | someone says love outfit but u forgot wearing
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