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thumbnail of cow by fireplace  "People are bringing their farm animals into their living rooms Texas so they don't freeze death."

Texans Brought Their Farm Animals Into Their Home During The Snowpocalypse (Thread)

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story about a horse who got stuck up to its neck in frozen mud and was rescued and is expected to recover thumbnail includes two pictures including a horse stuck in frozen muddy water and another of a horse lifted up using straps around its bpdy

Horse Rescued From Icy Mud Hole, Recovering Well

almost froze to death but is doing much better now
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news freezing snow amazing story pup rescued rescue - 513030

87-Year-Old Woman Found In Freezing Snow Is Rescued Thanks To Alert Dog

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No, I'm Not Going To Roast Them On An Open Fire To Warm Them Up!

hate cat freezing winter caption - 9000725504
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Snow is why romance typically blooms in spring

view romantic freezing very caption - 8743240704
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I'm Not Down WIth That Advice...

freezing cold ducks winter funny - 7997850624
Created by Unknown

It's Freezing in Here!

freezing cuddling - 7309908224
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Stuck? Stuck?! STUCK!!

ever freezing stuck licking horses Cats - 6938111488
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Coming Out of Your Shell is Very Hard for Some Peeps.

warning freezing birds baby birds feathers hatched dont - 6926477312
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I've Heard Them All

squirrel nuts freezing tired of it - 6635481856
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Sometimes They Come in Handy

chicken cold freezing grandma sweater - 6572419840
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Lolcats: Yes! Its that cold in here.

bed captions Cats cold freezing Pillow - 6592323584
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Must Run Must Run Must Run

cold freezing morning running snow tiger - 6466880256
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I Don't Even Want to Consider the Possibility That They're Stuck

cold freezing hurry up ice polar bear - 6407138816
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Classic LOLcat

classic classics cold freezing snow snow leopard winter - 6391180288
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cold freezing fridge Heat refrigerator - 5959677440
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