I Can Has Cheezburger?


kaavan the world's loneliest elephant is now at a sanctuary in cambodia | singer Cher in sunglasses and a face mask holding up a sign that reads "CHER KAAVAN"

Icon Cher Helps Rescue Kaavan, "World's Loneliest Elephant," From Pakistan Zoo

He's being transferred to a sanctuary
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beluga whales sanctuary freedom aww awesome amazing beautiful sea life video youtube

Captive Beluga Whales Transported 6,000 Miles to New Ocean Refuge

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lions circus rescued sanctuary love rescue heartwarming aww grass video youtube freedom africa animals wildcats

Rescued Circus Lions First Touch Of Grass (Video)

All the feels
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sandra orangutan freedom animal

Orangutan Imprisoned At Inhumane Zoo For 25 Years Now Lives In Sanctuary With Friends

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aww freedom Joy baby dolphins mom rescued animals - 696326

Dolphin Jumps For Joy After Baby Is Freed From A Net (Video)

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These guys could never drag me away

Awesome video of wild horses running over hills of green in the wild, with a very satisfied expression grunt of freedom.
Via Wild Horses Facebook Video


freedom sailing caption - 8578493440
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The Water Is Always Clearer On The Other Side Of The Bowl

disappointment freedom goldfish - 6230753536
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Cats Love Equality as Long as it Doesn't Involve Dogs

Cats freedom - 8429956352
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Freedom Never Looked So Stylish

eagles freedom suits - 8392267776

What's the Word Around the Hamster Wheel?

freedom jail hamster squee - 8363682304
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Freedom Ain't Free Though, So Pay Up!

freedom eagles - 8271280896

Riding Free

bulldogs gifs freedom - 8248754432
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It Calms Me Down

eagles freedom sleeping - 8237907200
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To Freedom, My Brothers!

Cat GIF of a bunch of kittens jumping and leaping from the table to the couch.
Via Gazboolean

Four Score and Seven Years Ago...

freedom eagles stories - 8086733056
By Unknown
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