I Can Has Cheezburger?


bear stuck rescue animals free freedom aww plastic container wildlife hero heroic heroes lake Wisconsin

Bear's Head Stuck In Plastic Container, Wisconsin Family Rescues It

Heroic and really bad*ss
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sandra orangutan freedom animal

Orangutan Imprisoned At Inhumane Zoo For 25 Years Now Lives In Sanctuary With Friends

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special zoo in China

Welcome To The Zoo Where Humans Are Caged And Animals Roam Free

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Dog Breed: A Long-Eared Receiver

laugh caption free - 8342955520
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Be Free, Citizens of the Internet!

animals FRIDAY squirrel weekend free - 8482892544
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Free them from IE... and they all start using Chrome. Eff 'em.

fox firefox sticking tongue out free - 6708066304
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Another Minion Returns to the Basement

animals minion Cats free - 8419839232
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Um...Duh! Who Would Pass Up a Free Donut?!

donuts gopher funny free - 8247997440
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Who Can Beat Free?

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We're Very Thorough

monkeys car inspection free - 6836915456
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Every Woman Loves a Good Sale...

bag buy captions Cats free sale - 6495251456
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Animal Capshunz: Run Free

baby chick best of the week birds chicken chicken nuggets do not want ducklings escape free Hall of Fame nugget run away running away - 6076022528
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best of the week bull charge cross farmer field free Hall of Fame pun - 6014726912
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Stop calling mi

calling cat free me stop - 5313309696
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If you loves sumthin

back caption captioned cat come dont free human hunt if love owner set something you - 5736960512
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Most Interesting...

caption captioned cat cheeseburgers free mascot noms resemblance scam the most interesting man in the world TLL wig - 5675441920
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