Russian Artist Creates Adorable Felt Cats

So, so cute! 

We've been seeing a lot of felt animals gaining some popularity and we don't mind it in the slightest. I mean, just look how adorable! While we did feature another Russian artist who creates animals out of felt, this artist solely sticks to the internet's favorite animal -- the cat. 

Introducing the talented Russian artist Elizabeth Delektorskaya, known as @lizasiama on Instagram! The cutest felt cats you could possibly find! Each cat is a unique masterpiece that looks so real. The felt is often used by real cats to play with, and it was the material in which Delektorskaya chose to bring these creatures to life.

Delektorskaya really wants her admirers to know that even though her felt animals are adorable and look so cuddlable, they are actually collector's items and should be handled with care, as they are quite fragile. 

Good to know! Keep up the beautiful work, Delektorskaya!

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