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a beautiful series of before and after photos of animals after adoption | thumbnail includes the before and after of a sickly dog that was adopted

Power Of Love: Before And After Adoption Glowups

The miracle of adoption!
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12 text based reddit images, foster wants to keep dogs drama | thumbnail background two small golden puppies hugging each other "Posted by u/rose-ramos 1 day ago 389 Adopting two dogs; foster mom is being very clingy and trying to talk me out of it. Help? [Help], My wife and I are adopting two dogs from a rescue we're both fond of. The foster mom doesn't seem to understand boundaries; she will text and call me multiple times a day, including on Christmas Day,

Sus Woman Fostering Dogs Begs Adoptive Parents To Let Her Keep The Pups, Unpleasantry Ensues

Not a super comfortable situation
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a thread about a woman chose husband is pressuring her to adopt a dog | thumbnail includes  text saying ') so the thought of a dog, along with everything I'm already doing, just sounds exhausting to me. I think it's relevant to note that I have not slept through even one night since having our son, I've always let my partner sleep because he works even on weekends so to say I've been tired for a while is an understatement.'

Husband Pressures Wife To Adopt A Third Animal: Reddit Advice Thread

Who's the bad guy here?
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photos of dogs and cats before and after being adopted | thumbnail includes two photos of a dog before and after being adopted

Power Of Love: Before And After Adoption Glowups

These pets are living their best lives!
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story about five kittens being fostered by a dog | thumbnail includes two pictures including five kittens in a pile and kittens cuddling with a dog

Orphaned Kittens Fostered By A Loving Dog Momma

They're a strange but beautiful family <3
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a reddit story about a woman who tried to take another woman's pet cat | thumbnail includes text saying 'But my SIL & MIL both said I should have just given them the cat if it meant that much to the child. The cat would be their only cat while he is 1 of my 4 and the cat would be happier with them too and made me feel terrible for causing all the drama. They said kittens are easier to adopt so adult cats should be given to whoever wants them.'

Visitor Demands To Adopt A Cat From Its Existing Home: Reddit Storytime

You've gotta be kitten me...
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story about a kitten both with extra toes and limited mobility learning to run | thumbnail includes two pictures of a kitten with extra paws

Awwdorable Kitten With Huge Paws Runs Around For The First Time

Huge feets on smol kitten.
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posts of animals newly adopted this week | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat lying next to a kitten 'This feral kitten wondered into my yard a few weeks ago and has decided it lives here. My grumpy old tom cat has taken her in as his own! u/SVT_Devinn'

24 Savers: Twenty-four Heartwarming Adoption Stories

Adopt, don't shop.
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imgur thread about rescuing a paralyzed stray cat | thumbnail includes two pictures of an injured cat 'Paralyzed Rescue Cat D*ldoDantes'

Thread: Heartwarming Rescue Of A Paralyzed And Injured Stray Cat

Everyone deserves love <3
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story about a kitten with disability being determined to walk | thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten with a dysfunctional leg and a kitten booping her nose against a human's nose

Stray Kitten With A Fused Spine And Tail Is Determined To Walk And Live Happily

Nothing is stopping this kitten.
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12 images surrounding story of two foster kittens and dog, thumbnail dog and two cats cuddling

Dog Takes Shy Kittens Under Her Wing and Shows Them Courage

We'd like to highlight a story about a very special doggo whose maternal touch wins over her human's foster kittens every time! Our story starts with two kittens, about 10-12 weeks old, who were found in a New York City back yard. They were timid and hesitant to approach people, after much effort they were brought to a local rescue. At said local rescue, Asa came into the picture. A foster volunteer with a 7 year old doggo called Kona at home prepared and ready to play "mom" to any potential fo…
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Facebook comments of stories of pets who were fostered being adopted | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat and one Facebook comment 'Cat - Joey Russell Neiter It has been almost 4 years now and we still haven't found her home of course we're not looking, and we've moved out of the state we found her in 42'

Heartwarming Adoptions Of Pets Who Were Supposed To 'Only Stay A Few Days'

Adoption galore <3 <3 <3
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imgur user shares all the progress photos of animals she fostered in 2020 -  thumbnail dog before and after "Ripple went through hell, some freak poured diesel fuel on her and tried to set her on fire. She had extensive chemical burns and needed to wear t-shirts to protect her skin. She healed up BEAUTIFULLY, and all the fur grew back over the scars! She's now living a fabulous life in Vermont backpacking with her person""

Imgur User Reveals Before And After Pics Of The Foster Animals She Cared For In 2020

Further proof that love can transform all
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instagram spotlight on the adorable cat pinocchio - thumbnail of includes two images of pinocchio the cat, one of him wrapped in a blanket and one of him in a batman shirt

Animals Of Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: Pinocchio

He's perfect
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story about a cat found almost frozen to death in a dog crate finding a new foster home thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat in a green sweater sniffing the camera and another of a cat in a green sweater held in a vet's hands

Cat Abandoned In The Freezing Cold Finds New Foster Home

A happy ending adoption story to brighten your day!
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foster kittens barbie van aww adorable cute lol funny video reddit animals cats

Foster Kittens Playing In Barbie Van (Video)

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