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A Youtube video about a woman who after 6 months of recovering from a stroke goes back to fostering kittens because it gives her life purpose | Thumbnail includes a picture of a woman in a hospital wearing a mask and a robe and a picture of a tiny premature black kitten

6 Months Post Stroke, Woman Is Finally Able To Foster Kittens Again, Says It Gives Her Purpose (Video)

She's a hero in our eyes
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A YouTube video about a woman that rescued a cat from the streets that now helps her take care of foster kittens | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of an orange cat grooming an orange and white kitten and a screenshot of an orange cat carrying an orange kitten on grass

Woman Rescued A Cat That Now Helps Her Take Care Of Foster Kittens (Video)

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A Youtube video about the story of how two blind cats went from hissing and hating each other to loving and caring | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of two white cats with black spots playing with a door and a screenshot of a white cat with grey spots grooming another cat

A Story Of How Two Blind Cats Went From Hissing Enemies To Loving Siblings (Video)

They were meant to be
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A Youtube video about a cat with wobbly syndrome that was set to be euthanised but was later adopted | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of a close up of a black and white cat and a screenshot of the cat walking on grass

Woman Rescues A Disabled Cat That Was Set To Be Euthanised And Gives Her A Forever Home

The happy ending that she deserves
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A listicle with facebook comments about people's foster fail experiences with cats | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of a facebook comment on a blue background 'My other foster fail was also from a batch of kittens I fostered. All the siblings were adopted except him. He had more white than the others especially tips of ears, so a number of people said they worried about him getting skin cancer, another person said he was too ugly to adopt. So I kept him. He ended up growing into a stunning'

Foster Fail Stories From Our Favorite People: The ICanHas Community

Sounds like a foster win to us
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A Youtube video about the rescue story of a blind cat named Bruno | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of a black and white cat looking at the camera and meowing

Woman Rescues A Blind Cat From The Shelter She Works At And Loves Him Back To Health (Video)

We love a heartwarming rescue story
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21 before and after photos of cats before and after they were adopted | Thumbnail includes a before photo of an injured orange kitten and an after photo of an orange cat laying on a blue blanket

Power Of Love: 21 Before And After Photos Of Cats That Went From The Streets To The Sheets (July 6, 2022)

Your daily reminder to adopt, not shop
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A Youtube video about a man who had a foster fail with the first cat he fostered and then became obsessed with fostering | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of a man on the computer and a cat laying near him looking at the camera 'I've fostered 18 cats'

Man Who Was Never A 'Pet Person' Fosters One Cat And Becomes Obsessed With Fostering (Video)

Foster-fail? More like foster-win!
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Stray Kitten Goes to Great Lengths to Avoid Being Hand-Fed and Pampered for the Rest of His Life

The good life awaits you
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viral imgur thread about rescuing a cat who turns out to be pregnant and adopting one of the babies | thumbnail includes two pictures including a pile of kittens and a kitten sitting on a woman's chest 'A friend contacted me about a super friendly cat who was dumped near her farm, asking if I'd help find her a home. 2 days later I realized she was preggo crlast86'

Woman Rescues Cat Who Turns Out To Be Pregnant, Immediately Foster Fails And Adopts One Of The Kittens

We would have become foster failures too with such cuties.
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A YouTube video about a premature kitten that came to work with her foster mom | Thumbnail includes a tiny premature kitten next to a computer mouse

Premature Kitten Interrupts Her Foster Mom's Meetings And Zoom Calls At Work

Employee of the month
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A YouTube video about the only kitten that wasn't adopted from his litter, so his fosterer decided to adopt him instead | Thumbnail includes a woman holding a kitten and a sign 'Today I Rescued Rusty'

The Only Kitten That Wasn't Adopted From His Litter Gets Adopted By His Fosterer

Smells like a happily ever after
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5 TikToks about 16-year-old cat Max with leukemia who is looking for a forever home | Thumbnail includes three screenshots from TikToks: cat laying on woman, woman holding cat, and cat under a bed 'Onineishlives after 6 years in the shelter, my 16 year old shy Feline Leukemia Positive foster cat Max is no longer so shy and seems happy and knows hets safe after 6 years in the I love being his foster mom and am wondering if you want to be his forever home'

After 6 Years In Shelter, 16-Year-Old Cat Gets Fostered And Is Now Looking To Be Adopted

We're hopeful for a happy ending
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story about a blind cat asking a man for help with her newborn kittens | thumbnail includes two pictures including a white kitten and a blind cat next to a kitten

Blind Cat Leads Man To Her Kittens, Trying To Get Help From Kind Humans

She decided it was time.
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video of jackson galaxy talking about how fostering cats changed his lif e| thumbnail big graphic wording "the best thing I ever did" image of jackson galaxy in sunglasses with cat

Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy Talks About How Fostering Cats Changed His Life (Video)

Fostering is a gift
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story about a couple fostering a pregnant cat | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat with four kittens sucking it 'Yesterday my wife asked me how I'd feel about fostering a pregnant cat for a few weeks while she gave birth to and raised kittens. I was kinda busy so I mumbled "Sure, that would be cool someday." Well, I was greeted this afternoon by a very pregnant cat. I guess today is someday. Wish us luck. u/JephriB' 'Jade, the pregnant foster cat my wife brought home as a 'surprise' last'

The Wholesome Journey Of Fostering A Pregnant Cat And Helping Her Birth The Kittens

'It looks like the cat we were fostering ran out of ink as she formed these kittens.'
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