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twitter thread about cats getting adopted and transforming | thumbnail includes two pictures including a sad cat and a cat with its tongue peeking out and one tweet 'Cat - aubrey @aubviouslynot can you tell how much happier this kitty is to be adopted? his whole demeanor changed Fishtopher the Cat 4:53 AM - Dec 2, 2022 3,847 Retweets 338 Quote Tweets 71.1K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Cats Who Completely Transformed After Finding Their Forever Homes

From sad and shy to happy and spicy.
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A Youtube video about 2 rescued cats and the process of introducing them | Thumbnail includes a picture of a tabby cat sitting on a chair like a human and a picture of a different tabby cat sitting in a plant pot and stretching its paw out

Hooman Adopts Abandoned Kitten Found On Her Doorstep, 6 Years Later She Does It Again (Video)

Hearts will be warmed
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A Youtube video about a pregnant cat that adopted her own hoomans which later helped her birth her kittens | Thumbnail includes a picture of a man and a tabby cat and a picture of a cat nursing her kittens

Pregnant Stray Cat Adopts Hoomans That Later Help Her Birth And Nurse Her Kittens (Video)

Good for her
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A Youtube video about a cat that was abandoned by his previous family because they had to move houses | Thumbnail includes a picture of a grey cat with scars and infections and a picture of a human petting a grey cat

Cat That Was Abandoned By Family Who Moved Away Finally Gets The Happily Ever After He Deserves (Video)

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10 short stories about humans that went from not being 'pet people' to loving cats | Thumbnail includes a picture of an orange cat sleeping on a woman and a picture of a grey kitten with white paws covering its own face 'This is my gf of a year that stated when we got together that she wasn't a cat person. I never used to be a cat person, but then he fell asleep in my hand like this.'

Short Stories About Purrrsistent Cats That Won Over Their Hoomans

Purrsistency is key
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31 before and after photos of cats before and after they were adopted | Thumbnail includes a picture of a feral cat from the first day she came inside and a picture of the same cat curling up on a cat chair after its lived in a home for a while

Power Of Love: 31 Before And After Photos Of Cats Pre And Post Adoption

Daily reminder to adopt, not shop
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A Youtube video about a woman that took in to foster a cat with her newborn kittens, helped them heal and find them forever homes | Thumbnail includes a picture of a grey kitten sleeping on a pink blanket with tape on its legs

Woman Helps Rehabilitate Smol Foster Kitten Who Could Only Crawl, Finds Her A Furrever Home (Video)

Superhero alert
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A Youtube video about the bond between a woman and her senior cat and their story | Thumbnail includes an old photo of a little girl holding a small white and orange cat and another picture of the same girl and cat except now they're older

Woman Tells A Heartwarming Story Of Her Life Long Cat Companion (Video)

We want what they have
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A Youtube video about two senior cats that were adopted into a home at different times but fell in love in the end | Thumbnail includes two pictures of an orange/brown cat grooming a white and black fluffy cat

Woman Adopts Two Senior Cats And It Just So Happened That They Fell In Love (Video)

Some things are just meant to happen
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29 photos of cats before and after they were adopted | Thumbnail includes a picture of a frightened kitten and a picture of the same cat 6 years later looking healthy and happy 'Frightened girl is now 6 years old!'

Power Of Love: 29 Photos Of Cats Before And After Adoption (August 10, 2022)

An increase in adopted cats this week, that's what we like to see 😻
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imgur thread about two kittens getting rescued and adopted at different times | thumbnail includes three pictures including a kitten with injured eyes a kitten on the road and two kittens cuddling

Kind Person Rescues Two Unhealthy Kittens From The Streets And Creates A Wholesome Little Forever Home

7 years later, they're all happy together.
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17 screenshots from a twitter thread where people talk about their cats that are not perfect but loved regardless | Thumbnail includes a picture of a fluffy grey and white cat sitting on a blue chair like a human and a picture of an orange cat laying on a human with a red shirt 'And then there's the world's most expensive throw pillow, whose sensitive bladder has cost me more in vet bills than I spent on my car She got abandoned twice because she was "too chatty". So now she's mine and we'

Cat People Say It's A Good Thing Their Cats Have Homes, Otherwise No One Would Adopt Them: Thread

They love them no matter what
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original ICanHasCheezburger story about an older ginger cat who was let go of by its previous owners looking for a forever home | thumbnail includes two pictures of a ginger cat hanging out

Rescued Cat Whose Elderly Owners Couldn't Take Care Of Anymore Is Looking For His Furrever Home

He's loving and adorable and definitely deserves some love right now.
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A YouTube video about a kitten that was adopted by a volunteer at the shelter and then ended up bonding with her other cat | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of a tabby cat and an orange cat grooming each other

Shelter Volunteer Adopts The Weakest Kitten From The Litter, He Instantly Bonds With Her Other Cat (Video)

The best kind of rescue story :')
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15 photos of bonded pair cats | Thumbnail includes two photos of two pairs of cats cuddling and laying together 'Bonded For Life'

15 Pairs Of Bonded Cats That Are Furrever Attached At The Hip

It's a forever type of thing
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13 photos and short stories about cats that found their own forever homes and made humans adopt them | Thumbnail includes an orange/white/black cat sleeping on a carpet 'This adorable pregnant girl showed up outside my office yesterday begging for help. I couldn't resist! She's now happily settled in my spare room.'

Short Stories Of Cats That Left Their Hoomans With No Choice But To Adopt Them

That's your cat now, hooman
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