I Can Has Cheezburger?


twitter thread plus tweets of cats leaving their paw prints in important places throughout history thumbnail includes two pictures of two different open books with cat paw prints on them

Cats Leaving Their Paw Marks Throughout History Thread Goes Viral

Cats leaving their marks through history
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Even 3,000 years ago, cats didn't care.

paw prints of a cat in an ancient looking road tile
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Cat Dance

illustration footprints paw prints how cat owners walk
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Are Trying To Scare Me For Halloween?

animals scary captions intruder footprints Cats - 8578942976
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Live in the Now Humans!

ducks ruined reality footprints cement - 6955575040
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It Will Do You No Good

puns ducks already ruined tracks footprints messed up cement - 6944595200
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We'll Get Him

proof ducks footprints - 6947846144
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#TrueFacts Are #TrueFacts

animals Cats cement footprints I Can Has Cheezburger mean mess rude - 5047025408
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