I Can Has Cheezburger?


story about wombats saving other animals by letting them drink from their waterholes thumbnail includes two pictures of wombats

Wombats Are Saving Other Animals From The Drought in Australia By Digging Craters

Hero wombats.
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australia flooding koalas alligators fires animals reptiles park rain rainfall floods water crazy wtf

Australia's Rising Waters Is Now A Playground For Alligators (Video)

Australian Reptile Park protecting animals from rainfall and keeping alligators at bay
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The best boy

Via AlwaysTheContrarian
horse flood rescue - 1886469

When a Flood Washed Away Her Home, This Horse Went to the Neighbors for Help

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Video flood rescue - 82028289

Hero Rescues Woman and Her Dog From a Sinking Car in Louisiana

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Video flood rescue - 76513537

Dog Rescued From Flood Waters

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Flood Baby

pets kitten flood - 7610513408
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What Friends Are For

hero best friend new york what breed flood - 6720662016
Via New York Daily News

There's a Whole Inch of Water!

climbing flood Flower hanging on helicopter help mouse - 6561297408
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Not Sure What Happened...

flood lawn chair pug - 6512385280
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If I Had A Dime For Every Time...

flood lawn chair oops pug - 6490261760
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High Tide

flood lawn chair pug - 6403279872
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So all in all

bad caption captioned cat day do not want flood so swimming wet - 5318640640
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baby cub drinking feeding flood flooding Hall of Fame leopard milk Precious rescue rescued unbearably squee - 5390350592
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It's from B.C., Man. They Have the Best Stuff There!

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This Spot is as Good as Any!

car flood flooding parking police - 5327968000
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