I Can Has Cheezburger?


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Eagle Flight Footage Raises Awareness For The Impact of Climate Change in The Alps

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Miniature Horse service animals flight cute animals animals - 9176069

American Airlines Passengers Meet a Miniature Horse On Their Flight

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dogs on planes

Hey, There's a Dog On Plane (12 Pics)

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Airports Are Now Giving Passengers The Chance To Cuddle Pets Before Flight

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Flight Attendants Spring Into Action To Help Save Dog In Distress During Flight

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Cat Has Week Long Adventure At The Airport After She Escaped From Her Carrier

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Lucky Passengers That Were Surprised By Animals On Their Flight

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A Pilot Diverts an International Flight to Save a French Bulldog

Pilot completely diverts International flight to save a French Bulldog.
Via City News

Slow Motion Bird Prepping For Flight

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Bring Me Back an Arm or a Leg

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The moment your relatives tell you they didn't buy a return ticket

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Not By a Long Shot

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I Hav Three Carcassez... Um Essenchulz Heer!

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Two corms an cheezy-poof be fine.

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So, Tell it to Someone Else!

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Emma Watson is in Cabo Now Anyway... Wearing a Bikini

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