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Don't just take four, take five! Five is just a great number. From the Jackson's to a candy bar, and basically anything you want to easily count up. If you're all about this wonderful number, then you'll appreciate all the jokes and clever ways you can use five to bring laughter to all.

My owner named me"5 Miles". That way she can say that she walks 5 Miles every day.

animals five owner walks miles caption - 8578455296
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You will meet a one eared stranger and have five beautiful children. Oh, wait. That's my own fortune.

five cat stranger my meet caption children - 8576550912
See all captions Created by Chris10a

I Suggest You Take that Offer

angry annoyed five get out personal space - 5778184448
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captions Cats five impatient patience wait wine - 6513544192
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camera captions Cats five scale weight - 6484481536
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Lolcats: I iz happier

baby best of the week Cats five happy Joy kitten life lolcats smile young youth - 6294663168
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It's 5 a.m.

am called caption captioned cat could disappointed five morning parent - 5808517888
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I Can Has Cheezburger Turns Five!

anniversary best of the week birthday celebrate celebration five happycat ichc site news Video - 5677133056
Created by Unknown

Urban Legends!

basement cat caption captioned cat consequence fire five Hall of Fame legend name secret spell stare whisper - 5341064192
See all captions Created by scoobysoo

I'm just shocked

actually around box caption captioned cat cat bed five furniture just miracle not shocked sleeping WoW - 5209997056
See all captions Created by TooManyCats

To Catch a Predator

Babies best of the week five Hall of Fame kids - 5186365696
Created by Unknown


baby cat five kitten litter logic math reader squees three - 4794490880
Created by LKW

And not five seconds later,

bread caption captioned Death family five friends later necklace pigeon seconds - 4787701760
See all captions Created by flygreen18

Tea and simpurrthee.

bet cat corgi do not want five horrified mixed breed song title - 4750403840
See all captions Created by kittymac


Babies baby five row squee spree standing winner zebra zebras - 4692527616
Created by Unknown


baby cute days feet five newborn old rat reader squees surprise - 4677076480
Created by triplyblessed
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