I Can Has Cheezburger?


Double Fits, Double Sits

friends cute sits fits Cats - 8012542464
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I Fits Your Feets

shoes kitten cute fits sleep Cats - 8010754304
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Snug as a Bug

kitten slipper cute fits - 7884584448
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Old for What? Comfort? Psh!

box fits leopards - 7144008192
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I Use the Loose Definition of "Fits"

captions Cats fits fitting i dont always if i fits i sits lolcats Memes sits sitting the most interesting cat the most interesting cat in the world - 6478295040
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What do they mean

ask confused fits if it fits laptop question sit sits understand - 6204553472
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If it fits, It's Kit's.

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GIF: Every Cat in Its Right Place

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If it fits...

caption captioned cat eggs fits I if sit sitting - 5281933824
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If duh butt fits,

advice bowl butt caption captioned cat fits if tabby wear - 4956409600
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Through the miracle

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