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story of alligator gar found in kansas | thumbnail shows alligator gar underwater

'Living Fossil' Alligator Gar Found For The First Time In A Kansas River

We've got something weird here
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5 videos of ocean wildlife | thumbnail left fish close up underwater with only one right eye, thumbnail left school of stingrays in ocean

5 Action Packed Videos Of Awesome Ocean Wildlife

If you are anything like us then you are probably mystified by the awesomeness of the ocean. It's mind boggling to think of all the different and unique species that call the ocean home! Many of whom we will probably never get the pleasure of seeing and experiencing up close. That's why today we have prepared for you five totally awesome action packed ocean life videos! Let's get to know the creatures of the ocean a little bit better, and we can think of no better place to start than to watch s…
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16 before and after adoption images | thumbnail left tiny kitten in cage, thumbnail right two cats relaxing in seats

Before And After Adoption Glow Ups: Aint Nothing A Little Love Can't Cure

A Little Love And Affection Goes A Longgg Way
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viral imgur thread about a cat sharing half its bed with a toy fish | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat cuddling a toy fish and a cat sleeping with a toy fish '"Toby said he's my friend so I share my half bed with him... omg he's so heartwarming" - dontgiveashoot'

Cat Chooses Toy Fish As New Best Friend (Viral Thread)

Unexpectedly awwdorable
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News story list goldfish memory 13 pictures | thumbnail left picture of two goldfish swimming together, thumbnail right bright orange goldfish swimming away showing beautiful orange fins

Three Second Goldfish Memory Theory: Debunked

Science Report Shows The True Extent Of Goldfish Memory
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list of 12 before and after animal adoption pictures | thumbnail right two dogs before and after adoption written "two photos taken an hour apart, before and after adoption", thumbnail left before and after adoption picture dog with blue sweater

Before And After Adoption: Ain't Nothin A Little Love Can't Cure

The Post Adoption Glow Up Revealed
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viral imgur threads about the rescue of an ugly fish thumbnail includes a picture of an ugly fish 'Seven days ago I rescued a massive fish from some horrific owners, they neglected him, didn't even give him the smallest amount of care, and only did filter and tank maintenance when they felt like it. The water was so toxic that it was eating away the caulk sealing his tank together. I gave him a name, and started treatment as best i could. Ugly Ivan was home NotaScientologist'

Unexpectedly Heartwarming Rescue Of A Sick 'Ugly' Fish Goes Viral

Everyone, meet Ugly Ivan.
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diver captures rare images of elusive penis fish - thumbnail of penis fish "wait is that the beloved one eyed willy?"

Diver Captures Rare Photos Of The Elusive "Penis Fish"

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tweets about the difficulties about raising fish thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - sarah lugor!! @sarahlugor getting a pet fish is 1000x more work than anyone tells you. it should not be ANYONES first pet 9:41 AM Feb 23, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 1,960 Retweets 396 Quote Tweets 33.6K Likes'

Funny Unexpected Difficulties Of Having Pet Fish (Tweets)

They're more difficult to keep than you realize.
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arctic fox steals fishermans fish - thumbnail of arctic fox with fish

Awwdorable Baby Arctic Fox Steals Russian Fisherman's Fish (Video)

Never give up!
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adorable images of baby puffer fish - thumbnail includes two images of smiling puffer fish

Gallery Of Smiling Adorable Baby Puffer Fish

How are they so cute
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story about a disabled goldfish getting a handmade tiny life jacket thumbnail includes a picture of a goldfish in a lifejacket

Disabled Goldfish That Can't Swim Is Saved With Hand-Made Life Jacket

It helps keep the fish afloat <3
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winners of the 2020 ocean photography awards, thumbnail of two penguins look out across the water, Melbourne’s lights in the distance. St Kilda, Australia. by Tobias Baumgaertner

Winners Of The 2020 Ocean Photography Awards Announced

They're all so incredible
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scary and  interesting shark facts - thumbnail of shark fact "since 1950, 93% of all shark attacks have been on men"

Deep Diving With Some Shark Facts

Spooktober continues
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variety of fish and crustacean memes - thumbnail includes two images one of a fish separated from group of fish "what did he do" and there are plenty of fish in the sea meme | Don't worry, there are plenty fish sea Fish Sea fish fish swimming away from a shark

Fintastic Sofishicated Fish Memes

16 Memes
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pictures that are worth more than 1000 words thumbnail includes a picture of a seal in water with its whiskers frozen

Pictures Worth More Than 1000 Words (22 Images)

Incredible pictures that are impossible to describe in few words
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