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Small cat memes | thumbnail includes two images one of two cats on a couch one of which is wrapped in a blanket 'When bae steals all the blankets' the other image is of a cat staring at the camera 'When someone says they hate cats' 'it hurts right here in my meow meow'

Sweet 'N' Smol Arti-fish-ally Sweet Cat Memes: The Purrfect Way To Get Through Wednesday

The purrfect addition to your favourite beverage
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twitter thread about a cat bringing a leaf to a shop owner in exchange for fish | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat holding a leaf in its teeth and one tweet 'Font - Justice @UnionRebelMs Seeing people come to buy fish and handing the owner, money, this cat went out and got a leaf to pay for her fish. On the first day, the owner of the shop thought this was very cute, so he gave her a small fish. Now everyday this cat comes in to buy a fish with a leaf. 5:01 AM - Jan 5, 2023'

Story About An Adorable Cat Who Brings A Leaf To A Shop Owner Every Day In Exchange For Fish Goes Viral (Twitter Thread)

Smart and precious.
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A Youtube video about three cats reacting to a new fish toy that moves and vibrates | Thumbnail includes a picture of a white cat trying to eat a toy fish and a picture of a tabby cat hitting a toy fish

Three Curious Cats React To A New Fish Toy That Jiggles And Vibrates (Video)

New toy who's dis
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A TikTok video and 13 comments about ways to get cats to drink water | Thumbnail includes  a screenshot of a cat looking into a water bowl and a screenshot of a toy fish swimming in a water bowl 'this is how I get my cat to drink more water'

Cat Owners Come Up With Creative Ways To Trick Their Cats Into Drinking Water

Hydration station
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 Listicle of 13 reddit posts about animal facts | Thumbnail includes a grey baby ant-eater and brown red cow 'Echindas, aka "Spiny Ant-eaters," lay eggs.'

Fascinating Animal Facts Friday: A Compilation Of Reddit's Best On Wild Life And The Animal Kingdom

holy cow!
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 A funny Facebook thread where people can't name one fish name that doesn't have an a in it | thumbnail includes text saying 'Name A Fish That Does Not Have The Letter 'A' In It Doug Rawnsley Catfish. I'm not playing the game, l'm just calling out what this is, D 11 Ramon Bautista Kevin Zink Basic. Dolphin 203 Bass. Ah damn! Got me already...'

Overconfident People Attempt To Answer Seemingly Easy Fish Question

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video of scientific discovery ghost shark | thumbnail image of ghostly shark

Scientists Find Baby ‘Ghost Shark’ With Striking Ghostly Appearance (Video)

An amazing discovery
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video of oldest aquarium fish | thumbnail image of aquarium fish underwater

Meet Methuselah: The World’s Oldest Aquarium Fish (Video)

The oldest living aquarium fish
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story about a goldfish being taught how to drive on land | thumbnail includes two pictures of a goldfish driving a fish tank on land

In Defiance Of The Laws Of Nature, Scientists Teach Goldfish To Drive On Land

2022 is gon' be weird, y'all.
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12 reddit text images bf pet fish debacle | thumbnail blue background "(26F) have outright banned him doing this for the simple fact i've seen this obsession before from him, it's what led to our pet mini lop rabbit Tootsie, and he doesn't clean out her hutch or litter tray at all and barely plays with her, she was his pet but has honestly ended up becoming mine as I couldn't stand to see her neglected, I know he'll end up doing the same with a fish tank and they'll not be cleaned out "

Woman Puts Her Foot Down When Irresponsible Boyfriend Requests Pet Fish And Aquarium

Case closed
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A big Bull Dolphin off the coast of Mexico destroys a coral reef | thumbnail includes a picture of a dolphin and a scuba diver

Powerful Dolphin Destroys Coral (Video)

Rare dolphin antics.
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fun facts and info about sea creatures | thumbnail includes a tweet about sea anemones saying 'sea urchins protect themselves by putting rocks and shells on their "heads" so apparently if u give them tiny hats they will put them on and wear them'

Learn More About Silly Sea Creatures

Fish fun facts!
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12 aquatic fish memes | thumbnail includes two memes saying ' Something: *falls into the ocean* Tiger shark: It's Free Real Estate' and 'O my god, hello how are you welcome to my aquarium'

Aquatic Animal Memes Anyone Would Love To Sea

Under rated, not under water!
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story of alligator gar found in kansas | thumbnail shows alligator gar underwater

'Living Fossil' Alligator Gar Found For The First Time In A Kansas River

We've got something weird here
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5 videos of ocean wildlife | thumbnail left fish close up underwater with only one right eye, thumbnail left school of stingrays in ocean

5 Action Packed Videos Of Awesome Ocean Wildlife

If you are anything like us then you are probably mystified by the awesomeness of the ocean. It's mind boggling to think of all the different and unique species that call the ocean home! Many of whom we will probably never get the pleasure of seeing and experiencing up close. That's why today we have prepared for you five totally awesome action packed ocean life videos! Let's get to know the creatures of the ocean a little bit better, and we can think of no better place to start than to watch s…
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16 before and after adoption images | thumbnail left tiny kitten in cage, thumbnail right two cats relaxing in seats

Before And After Adoption Glow Ups: Aint Nothing A Little Love Can't Cure

A Little Love And Affection Goes A Longgg Way
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