I Can Has Cheezburger?


viral tweets about major and champ biden becoming the first ever rescue dog to live in the white house as first canine thumbnail includes two pictures including Jill Biden sitting with two dogs and another of two dogs cuddling 'Canidae - 000 Charlie Haynes @charliehtweets O After four years of no dog in the White House, Champ and Major Biden will be moving in. AND Major will be the first ever rescue dog to be first canine! BID PRI 1:56 AM · Nov 8, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 15.3K Retweets 3.2K Q'

Rescue Dog Living In White House For First Time (Tweets)

Rescue doggo to be first canine!
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dogs golden retriever kitten aww cute meeting adorable video youtube animals

First Impressions: Golden Retriever Meets Kitten (Video)

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The story behind the first cat in space

The Mystery Behind The First Cat in Space

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Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

cat first grab pretend one caption stretch - 8987419904
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Talking Heads

cat life first dessert caption short - 8982878720
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Rawr Rave

in cat first guess nip caption - 8983638784
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If You Don't Know The Food Chain Rule, Don't Worry, Your Cat Will Teach You.

cat first feed food chain rule feline caption - 8972726784
By katkabob

The Hostage

animals cat get first feed back caption - 8793803008
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I'm The Winner

first Cats - 8495827712
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Now...A Little Help Here?

climbing die escape evil first help threat turtle - 6407550720
By Jack

Dinner Priorities

first priorities dinner funny - 7627684352
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Just as Annoying in Real Life as They Are on the Internet

annoying first ducks tracks cement - 7088471808
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Lasting FIRST Impression

lions ever first dead eating you - 6835206144
By Unknown


arguing weighing first penguins - 6732178688
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Better Left Unsaid

first idiom oops walrus - 6712892416
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But Good Job, I Guess

caught cat first easy deer hunting - 6653492992
See all captions By onefinekitty
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