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Powerful photos of firefighters risking their lives to save animals - cover image Dog thanking fireman for rescuing him.

15 Heartwarming Photos of Firefighters Rescuing Animals

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Cats firefighters rescue Video stuck - 361479

Cat Somehow Gets Stuck in a Chimney, but Firefighters Refuse to Give up on Her

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adoption firefighters pitbull rescue - 1627141

Pitbull Puppy Is Left on Her Own for Days, but Then She Hits the Rescue Jackpot

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firefighters ducks happy ending Video rescue - 82616577

Firefighters Rescue Baby Ducklings That Fell Through a Grate

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firefighters animals - 60222209

Heroics of the Day: Firefighters Save a Stuck Pup

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firemen firefighters tug of war pulling Video helping - 45177345

Dog Helps Firefighters

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Heroes Do Exist

heroes firefighters heartwarming ducks koalas all the things Memes Cats animals rescue - 6766841088

Around the Interwebs: Kitten Stuck in Wall Gets Rescued by Firefighters

around the interwebs Cats firefighters kitten news people pets rescue stories - 6413795840
black and white fire firefighters historic history Video vintage wtf - 34079233

VIDEO: Mickey, The Firefighting Feline

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Turn off that music and quit the pole dancing. We've got to go!

firefighters vintage - 5463531776
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I've Already Used Him to Burn Down One House!

animals Cats fire firefighters I Can Has Cheezburger rescue stand back weapons - 5247490304
Via Catasters

Missoula Firefighters Save Kitten

awesome best of the week fire firefighters hero kitten news rescue save - 4645267456
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