I Can Has Cheezburger?


Where there's smoke, there's fire. These smokey jokes will have you peering through the haze for more. Just don't get too close to these raging puns and jokes, you might get burned.

video of two boys saving dogs from fire in house | thumbnail image two boys at door "get the dogs out!"

Heroic Teens Save Dogs From Fire at Neighbor’s House (Video)

A very brave pair of boys, and three very lucky doggos
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story about a mom cat running into a burning barn to save her kittens | thumbnail includes two pictures of a burnt cat protecting a kitten 'Brave Mom Cat Runs Into Burning Barn To Save Her Kittens'

Brave Mom Cat Runs Into Burning Barn To Save Her Kittens

An amazing story <3
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Story about a cat rescued from a fire being given an oxygen mask to breathe thumbnail includes a picture of a firefighter holding an orange cat in his hands with another firefighter pressing an oxygen mask to the cat’s face

Cat Given Oxygen Mask After Being Rescued From Fire

Thank goodness for these firefighters.
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story about a homeless man running into a burning animal shelter and rescuing all of the animals inside it thumbnail includes two pictures of a black homeless man with two rescued dogs

Homeless Man Rescues All Animals From A Burning Shelter

An incredible hero.
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story about a parrot who saved his owner from a housefire by calling the owner's name thumbnail includes one picture of a man sitting and holding a parrot with firefighters in the background

Parrot Saves Owner's From Fire By Calling Owner's Name

Sometimes, it's the animals who save us...
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story of a 4 to 6 week old mountain lion cub who was rescued by firefighters from the California wildfires thumbnail includes a picture of the mountain lion cub covered in a pink blanket

Mountain Lion Cub Rescued From California Wildfires

4-6 week old adorable mountain lion cub was rescued by firefighters
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story about an adorable puppy who was rescued from the rubble of the California wildfires thumbnail includes two pictures including a black dirty puppy being picked up from the rubble and another with the puppy on the ground being fed a treat

Puppy Discovered In The Rubble Of The California Wildfires

Adorable puppy rescued from the aftermath of the California wildfires
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Hospitalized Koalas Are Being Released Following The Australian Bushfires | fuzzy fluffy koala holding onto a tree as a person in a hard hat and a safety vest looks on rehabilitation return to the wild

Good News: Hospitalized Koalas Are Being Released Following The Australian Bushfires

Releasing hospitalized koalas
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koalas rescue firefighters australia american crash fires bushfires rescued honoring news sad heartbreaking | photos of three men who perished while on duty in australia one wearing a headset one in a military jacket and one on the beach

Rescued Koalas Named After Fallen Firefighters During Australia's Wildfire

Both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.
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australia flooding koalas alligators fires animals reptiles park rain rainfall floods water crazy wtf

Australia's Rising Waters Is Now A Playground For Alligators (Video)

Australian Reptile Park protecting animals from rainfall and keeping alligators at bay
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photos of animals rescued from the Australian fires | adorable baby animal with big ears and a tail wearing a cast on one of its legs. small bat wrapped up in a blanket.

Rescue Organization in Australia Celebrates The Small Wins By Publishing Photos Of Animals Rescued From The Fires

Photos of rescued animals
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koala saved from fire by truck driver | man in safety vest sitting in the cabin of his truck petting a koala sitting on top of the dashboard

Adorable Koala Escaped From Burning Trees In Australia And Was Saved by a Water Tanker Driver

Koala was saved by a water tanker driver
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How to help the wildlife in Australia bushfire | closeup photo of a koala and the logo of the wires operation

Open Your Heart: Here's How You Can Help Australian Fire Wildlife Victims

Helping the wildlife in Australia
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steve irwin animals australia rescue saved fires | terri irwin with her kids robert and bindi dressed in khaki posing together

Steve Irwin's Family Saved Over 90,000 Animals From Raging Australia Bushfires

The legendary "Crocodile Hunter" has quite the incredible family who have dedicated their lives to continuing the family legacy as "wildlife warriors."
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woman rescues koala from fire

Woman Risks Her Life To Save Burnt Koala From The Australian Bushfire

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owl rescue from fire

California Firefighters Rescued Ram, a Great Horned Owl, From Maria Fire

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