I Can Has Cheezburger?


I Don't Trust Him

ferrets confused Cats - 7095713792
See all captions Created by shriekingviolet

It's Becoming Sentient!

clean poop ferrets litter box - 7087420416
See all captions Created by MirageBD

Lame Pun Weasel

pets ferrets puns family Cats - 7086547968
See all captions Created by SydneyT

Everyone Has a Limit

Cats ferrets rodent too much - 7044186880
See all captions Created by fleminator1

Reader Squee: Ferrets, D'Awwww

reader squee pets ferrets kissing squee - 7005366784
Created by Stacychan

Looks Delicious, Though

ferrets no thanks figure watching - 5771094784
See all captions Created by chiwawa

Ferret Hole

ferrets hole crowded hiding squee whiskers delightful insurance - 6696156928
Via Addelburgh

And You Thought These Things Stayed Up All By Themselves...

adorable holding up ferrets meta caption - 6912464896
See all captions Created by AngelAndz

The Ferret's Cube

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Created by sam.wells.395454

It's Ok Lil' Ferret, We Forgive You Anyway...

holding up ferrets hands - 6878264832
See all captions Created by OneSkunkTodd

Holiday Reader Squee: Deck the Halls with Piles of Ferrets

reader squee ferrets squee holidays delightful insurance - 6916726528
Created by Nanci Frazier ( Via Sue Aiken )

It's Okay. I Can Wait. A Little.

presents ferrets wrong give - 6908548096
See all captions Created by pepper1184

My Best Side is None of Them

covering embarrassed ferrets picture hiding parents - 6757919488
See all captions Created by YO_ITS_ABBI

Ferrets in the Fall

autumn reader squee ferrets squee fall - 6758896384
Created by MaddieC91

Whatever Helps You Get Through the Night

comfort is relative wtf stuck ferrets captions sleeping - 6751909120
Via Daily Picks and Flicks

Ferrets in Love

heart nap ferrets squee sleeping - 4268673792
Created by Madeline-Lopez