I Can Has Cheezburger?

fennec fox

petting vixie the pawdorable rescue fox | thumbnail includes  a picture of vixie getting petted

Vixie The Awwdorable Rescue Fox (Video)

Foxy and Vixie
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a fox captured laughing on camera | thumbnail includes a picture of the fox being super awwdorable

Awwdorable Fox Laughs Her Heart Out (Video)

Such a foxy girl!
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fox fennec cute baby aww animals youtube video adorable

Djinn Is The Cutest Baby Fox in the World

Good for the soul
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Get a Look at These Ears!

Via ILoveRegenHealth
baby fennec fox fox zoo cute - 1481733

The Smallest Fox in the World Just Made Its Adorable Debut at the Taronga Zoo

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fennec fox eating Video meat - 83860993

Baby Fennec Foxes Try Meat for the First Time and Lose Their Little Minds

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fennec fox toys Video - 83357185

Fennec Fox Isn't Sure What to Do With a Toy Parakeet

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Baby Fennec Foxes

fennec fox fox - 8984189440
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fennec fox massage Cats Video - 81767681

Cat Gives Fennec Fox a Much Kneaded Massage

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Look at These Precious Fennec Fox Kits That Just Debuted at Zoo Wrocław

precious fennec fox kits debut at zoo wroclaw
Via ZOO Wrocław
Babies eating fennec fox Video - 81351681

Baby Fennec Foxes Sure Are Messy Eaters

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fennec fox cute training squee Video - 80481025

Lucky Humans Train Their Tiny Fennec Fox to Sit

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Sleeping Fennec Fox

sleeping fennec fox
Via CyberneticPanda

These Fennec Fox Kits Are Unbelievably Cute

foxes baby fennec fox zoo - 8760778240
Via Smithsonian's National Zoo

Foxy Bath Time

Via Bing

Fennec Fox Chases After Bubbles

fennec fox gifs critters bubbles - 8397795584
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