Straightened Feetsies In All Their Glory (20 Cat Pics)

Seems like there's a subreddit for absolutely ANYTHING these days! And that includes anything cat-related!

Which is A-OK with us! Actually, it's more than OK. We can drown in those cat sub forever, happily so. 

The subreddit, r/straightenedfeetsies, is a place for photos of cats, dogs, and any other floofs with straightened feet/legs. 

How does the rating system work in this subreddit, one might ask. Well, it's simple: "one straightened feetsie in a photo is enough, but two is even better! Three is amazing. And four? Four is the royal flush of straightened feetsies! Bonus points for straightened feetsies sticking out from underneath blankets."

Do you have a straightened feetsies floof you'd like to share? Post it in the comments below! 

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