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tumblr posts proving that cats are not cold thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - catpda Follow how can ppl say cats dont have feelings like. when my cat got deadly sick she refused to eat a single thing and it had been days but when i started crying she ate just a little bit, and upon seeing how happy it made me, kept doing it whenever she could. now whenever im sad or crying she finds wherever i am with a mouthful of food and eats the pieces one by one, every time looking up at me making'

Tumblr Posts Proving That Cats Are Not Cold-Hearted

If you think they don't have feelings, you're wrong.
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images worth 1000 words beautiful photography amazing animals cats dogs | adorable kitten touching foreheads with a cow bending down

Pictures Worth More Than 1000 Words (24 Images)

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pixie brutus comic pstd military kitten dog feels animals art | illustration of a German shepherd looking out of a window at a storm

New Pixie And Brutus Comic Hits Hard In The Feels

Wowee! New "Pixie and Brutus" comics created by the very talented Pet_Foolery!
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smudge comic cat meme

Missing Meme: Twitter User Creates Comic About 'Woman Yelling At Cat' Meme

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Sad stolen feels viral Reddit heartbreaking thief - 8556037

Woman Shares Heartbreaking Message To The Thief That Stole Her Last Memories Of Her Dog

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feels pets Death vet animals - 6749957

Vet Reveals What Pets Do In Their Final Moments

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feels science injured legs Cats bionic rescue - 1516549

This Injured Cat Got a Second Chance at Life Thanks to a Groundbreaking Procedure

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feels happy ending animal shelter elderly Cats rescue - 1505029

Rescuers Save an Abused and Elderly Cat Who Won't Let Them Touch Her, but Then Something Changes

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Sad goodbye hospital Video feels - 331783

This Video of a Dog Visiting Her Human in the Hospital to Say Goodbye Will Break Your Heart

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feels husky siberian husky Video rescue - 79994625

Rescued Huskies Experience Grass for the First Time

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3-Legged Adopted Kitten Becomes Amputee Girl's Best Friend

Via boredpanda
feels cute Video - 75955201

Try Not to Tear Up While You Watch a Girl With Cystic Fibrosis Gets A Surprise Visit From Her Favorite French Bulldog, Manny

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Soggy bottom blues

feels buy puppy grandma wrong caption - 8572259840
See all captions By jennybookseller
feels Video rescue - 68881921

This Dog Was Rescued From a Garbage Dump and Helped Rehabilitate Another Rescue Pup

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Judge the Police Dog Receives a Hero's Tribute During His Final Vet Visit

hero german shepherd feels vet - 8452119808
Via gloucestercountyonline
feels Video rescue - 68761857

Rescuing a Homeless Senior Dog Delivers All the Feels You Can Handle

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