I Can Has Cheezburger?


Facebook comments about cats showing love thumbnail includes one Facebook comment 'Gesture - Sandy Holcomb Sinkler When we adopted an adult cat, she had allergies and was a little sick. I kept touching her nose to see if it was warm or cool. She seemed to associate that with care for someone not feeling well. Now, whenever l'm sick, she will not stop touching my nose. 69 Like Reply Message 10h'

Wholesome Stories Of Cats Showing Love To Their Humans

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tumblr posts proving that cats are not cold thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - catpda Follow how can ppl say cats dont have feelings like. when my cat got deadly sick she refused to eat a single thing and it had been days but when i started crying she ate just a little bit, and upon seeing how happy it made me, kept doing it whenever she could. now whenever im sad or crying she finds wherever i am with a mouthful of food and eats the pieces one by one, every time looking up at me making'

Tumblr Posts Proving That Cats Are Not Cold-Hearted

If you think they don't have feelings, you're wrong.
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feelings photos animals - 6745093

Anyone Who Says Animals Don't Have Feelings Must Take a Look At These Photos

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feelings expression chimp caretaker - 5910789

When a Chimp Shows More Feelings Than Some Humans

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snapchat romance love toothbrush feelings - 1434629

Brace Yourself for This Romantic Love Story Between Two Toothbrushes

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You're Just a Pair Thumbs for Me Human

feelings Cats can opener - 8402009088
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Feelings, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA

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And They Don't Heal Very Well!

feelings puns - 7927805696
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Why Won't You Kiss Me Back?

Funny dog meme in which a bulldog sits formally on a couch and asks you heart-to-heart why you don't like back when he kisses?
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It's a Sliding Scale

feelings Cats - 6955491584
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I Know That Feel, Horsey Friend

Sad question feels feelings ennui annoying horse - 6708333312
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The Picture Paints A Thousand Words...

caption captioned cat consequence evil feelings hat mean present think thoughts trick when - 5764890880
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Better apologize!

caption captioned cat Cats cuddling feelings hurt tabbies tabby you - 5329761280
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It's better to say nothing

advice alternative better caption captioned cat feel feelings idiot kitten nothing say tell TO - 5205336576
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bed buried caption captioned cat feelings head hurt - 3939846144
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