I Can Has Cheezburger?


Anatidaephobia is the fear that somewhere in the world, there is a duck watching you.

birds duck fear phobia watching you - 5837976576
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do not fear

am caption captioned do fear floating flying fox I jesus not - 5552528896
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afraid baby cub fear jaguar shocked shy - 5473714944
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Honestly, I Have No Idea What Other Emotion to Elicit

cat fear I Can Has Cheezburger i-dont-get-it wtf - 5283648256
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Star light,

afraid best of the week bright caption captioned cat do not want fear first Hall of Fame light might nursery rhyme star tabby tonight twist wish - 5233594624
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Derailing over water

captioned fear monorail cat over water worst - 5191062272
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afraid baby best of the week caption captioned cat crap crawling do not want fear gone Hall of Fame holy human mobile - 5132217344
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accident baby bad idea cat climbing cute fear gifs kitten oops stuck - 5069650688
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birds caption captioned facts fear heights screaming singing - 5021083648
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cat doing it right fear halloween impression lamb squee - 4954567424
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afraid boxer cat Cats do not want fear help lolcats scared stairs surrounded - 4768545280
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Thunder is scary to us!

afraid anatolian shepherd asking bed cat cuddling fear human question scared scary sleep thunder with - 4704221184
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afraid best of the week butt caption captioned cat Command do not want fear Hall of Fame I Can Has Cheezburger kitten order - 4698957824
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Don't fear, hoomin!!

bathroom comforting dont fear human killed me mixed breed monster now paper reassuring safe scottish terrier toilet paper - 4692815360
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There's nothing to be scared of.

afraid best of the week caption captioned cat chihuahua creeping do not want fear Hall of Fame scared stalking - 4111556608
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Big Brother

afraid cannot unsee do not want fear husky shocked slogan watching - 4649929984
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