Fawn Stranded In Lake Get's Rescued But It Gets Even Better

While enjoying a fun day out on the Folsom Lake, Kenny Croyle was with his wife and in-laws when they came across something that didn't look right.  

Croyle told FOX40, "Another boat had their flag up and we didn't really see anybody in the water. So we just slowed down just to be careful. Didn't know exactly what was going on."

The other boat had just rescued a fawn that was struggling to stay afloat in the deep part of the lake, far from shore. 

Croyle continued, "And they yelled at us and let us know there was another one. The mom, the doe, was heading for shore but she was quite a ways away."

That's when Croyle and his family came across the second fawn in the lake. The poor struggling fawn was confused and looking for its mom. Croyle said, "So, I put my life jacket on, jumped in after it and picked it up. As soon as I picked it up, it kind of went limp. It was very relieved I think, very tired."

Unsure if the fawn would survive, they wrapped the scared fawn in a towel and helped it calm down. 

When they got closer to shore, Croyle and his family spotted the mother on the hillside, looking down trying to find her babies. Both boats were able to safely reunite the fawns with their mother. 

Watch the incredible footage of the rescue below! Thank you to Croyle, his family, and the occupants of the other boat!

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After months in the care of the California Wildlife Center in Malibu, California, five orphaned fawns enjoy their first moments back in the wild where they belong.

Orphaned fawns are prevented from seeing human faces and forms during their time in the rehabilitation setting. In keeping with that policy, this video was filmed from behind a camouflage blind in the woods, by a volunteer.