Teen Volunteers At Animal Shelter And Finds Her Long Lost Cat

Reunited and it feline good! 

Talk about meant to be! In Roseburg, Oregon, lived a teen who lost her childhood cat three years ago. 

The Roseburg teen decided to volunteer at a local animal shelter, three years later, only to find herself face to face with a familiar face.

At the Saving Grace Pet Adoption center, 15-year-old Hannah Rountree recognized Spunky, her long lost cat. At first, Hannah wasn't 100% sure it was Spunky, only that the resemblance was uncanny, "I was like, is that my cat? It literally looks so much like Spunky."

"He was my first cat and the first thing I bonded with as a child, so it was really hard; I cried a lot," Hannah told KMTR.

Hannah and her family spent months looking for Spunky when he disappeared three years ago. Hannah made the realization that Spunky might be forever lost to her, "that's when I was kind of like, I think he passed away, or someone took him far away."

"That's how I got him; it was just fate, I feel like."

But there's still a mystery as to where Spunky had been these past years. You see, Saving Grace director Wendy Kang, Spunky was only brought into the shelter just a few months ago. "He was brought in as a stray who had been found off the side of the highway in Winchester," Kang said. 

Spunky went up for adoption and was actually adopted by a couple who brought him back because Spunky wasn't very fond of chasing mice. 

So there he was, the stars aligned, and Hannah and Spunky were able to reunite at long last. 

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