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Dramatic Tuxedo Cat Named Andrea Gets Extremely Offended by Fart Noises, Endlessly Entertaining Her Owner

She looks so disgusted
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owner annoying farts funny video chihuahua Video - 7412485

This Guy Likes To Annoy His Chihuahua With Farts And Even Compiled a Video Out Of It

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farts reaction Cats Video - 93476865

Dog Accidentally Farts In His Sleep And The Cat's Reaction Is Priceless

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farts revenge friends elephants Video - 2514693

Elephant Gets Revenge On Friend With A Fart Attack

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pets bulldog farts funny Video - 356871

Funny Bulldog Either Loves or Hates Fart Noises, We Can't Tell

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farts bath python Video fart snake - 81088257

Python Lets out a Huge Fart in the Bath

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Still Unsure If It's From the Sound or the Smell

farts scared - 8604341760
Via dbulick2003
farts zoo tiger Video - 65557505

Bonnie the Tiger Gives This Keeper Surprise Gift

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I Guess He's Never Met Smokey

farts fire - 8119673600
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Don't We All?

farts food funny - 8020756224

This is How He Always Looks

farts funny tongue - 7970338048

Toxic Waste

farts nuclear funny - 7604477440
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farts french bulldogs afraid funny - 51745281

This French Bulldog Is Afraid of His Own Farts

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Insult to Injury

smell farts funny - 7482014464
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Man's True Best Friend

best friends farts golden retrievers - 6997401856
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Ahhh! It burns!

puppy farts shiba inu - 6303888384
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