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funny stories of cats going to the vet for silly reasons and forcing their owners to pay a lot of money | thumbnail includes a picture of a surprised looking black cats 'r/cats u/placeboeffex . 6d $307 later to be diagnosed with "she has to fart" Cat Picture 28.5k 687 Comments Join'

Painfully Hilarious Vet Visits Of Constipated Cats Who 'Just Needed To Fart' And Ended Up Costing Hundreds Of Dollars

Relieved yet in financial pain
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video of cat meowing over farts | thumbnail image of white and orange fluffy cat meowing

Cat Called 'Butters The Bean' Tries To Mask Flatulence With Loud Meows (Video)

He who smelt it dealt it
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twitter thread about whether cats fart or not | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Pyrrhica posts cats @memesiwish My bf just farted and blamed it on the cat. He insists it was Mister Moo Moo and that makes me realise...I've never heard a cat fart before. Does your cat fart? 5:00 PM - Jul 30, 2022 - Twitter for Android 567 Retweets 464 Quote Tweets 17.5K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Boyfriend Blames Cat For Farting, The Internet Passionately Debates The Impurrtant Issue

Do your cats fart?
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kids goats Video fart - 414983

Goat Fart Scares Kid

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pets english bulldog Video fart - 83618561

This English Bulldog Can't Even Deal With the Ridiculous Noises His Humans Are Making

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butt smell Cats Video fart - 83622913

Judging From This Cat's Face, Some Butts Are Better Left Unsniffed

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sea lion Video fart - 83490049

This Farting Sea Lion Might Be a Little Too Relaxed After Taking a Nap

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You Wouldn't Believe the Smell...

skunk caption funny fart - 8985203456
See all captions Created by gypsycat9

Works Great When You're Sitting on a Leather Chair

pull paw caption Cats fart - 8807439872
See all captions Created by Loulou

It Happens to Cats, Too?

animals caption Cats fart - 8811671808
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farts bath python Video fart snake - 81088257

Python Lets out a Huge Fart in the Bath

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Fourth Meal Always Come Back to Bite You In the Ass

basement cat thoughts random caption Cats fart - 8803315200
See all captions Created by HokieGirl74
sniff hedgehog reaction Video fart - 80822017

Hedgehog Can't Help but React to Its Human's Loud Farts

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corn Wombat angry bbc Video fart - 80000513

Angry Wombat Eats Corn and Farts on Camera

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cockatoo birds Video fart - 78903041

Bird Lets Out a Fart and Runs Away

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baby Video fart - 78400257

Baby Fart Scares Away Dog

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