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video of ostriches running free | thumbnail image of ostriches running free through main roads china

Dozens Of Ostriches Run Free On Main Chinese Roads After Fleeing Farm (Video)

Run like the wind
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Viral tiktok of baby cows having a birthday party

TikToker Throws a Birthday Party for Her Fluffy Cows and Goes Viral

All that was missing were little cow party hats.
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Viral TikTok of a chicken photoshoot

TikTok Goes Viral After Sharing Amazing Photoshoot of a Chicken

Who is she?
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Animal sanctuary on TikTok goes viral with farm animal routine videos

"Who's Ready To Rumble?": Animal Sanctuary TikTok Shows How They Magically Round Up Animals In the Most Perfect Way

Farm animals can be a little naughty—goats like to climb on everything, pigs are curious creatures always getting dirty, and chickens just do whatever they please. It just looks like a really hard job to do, yet viral TikTok creator Alyssa Barry, aka @alyssasanimalsanctuary, has turned it into an art form. She posts the sanctuary's morning and nightly routines that are always just the cutest. One of the stars of the farm is a pig named Wilbur, who helps her wake up the chickens every morning. H…
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a video of a cow being pampered and treated like a puppy dog | thumbnail includes a photo of a man grooming a cow's mane

Awwdorable Cow Refuses To Grow Up, Acts Like Puppy

Don't have a cow!
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a bunch of cute photos of goats standing on top of horses | thumbnail includes two photos of goats standing on top of horses

Nothing To See Here, Just Photos Of Goats Standing On Top Of Horses

Yup, totally normal....
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an awwdorable story about Moby the pig, cute video | thumbnail includes a photo of Moby and his brother Billy

Moby The Positive Pig Enjoys Living With His Best Friend (Video)

Oink Oink!
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a series of photos of albino animals| thumbnail includes two photos of albino animals, a crocodile and a peacock

Absolutely Awesome Albino Animals

No pigment, but lots of style!
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a video about Jenna the cow who lives on a farm animal sanctuary | thumbnail includes two photos of Jenna

Jenna The Cow Loves Her Forever Home (Video)

Hooman or Cow?
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a video about Teapot the rooster who acts like a dog | thumbnail includes two side by side photos of teapot the rooster in action

Teapot The Rooster Who Acts Like A Dog (Video)

Cute As Cluck
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13 images surrounding goat rentals for zoom calls | thumbnail left cute white goat, thumbnail right goat on zoom call with several people

Farm Rents Out Goats For Zoom Conference Calls At $6.80 Per 5 Minutes

This just in- goats on zoom we repeat goats on zoom
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List of 12 pictures of cows playing with dogs | Thumbnail left picture a cow and a dog running, right picture 6 cows staring down a dog

Doggo And Cow Friendship Is Udderly Cute: Awwdorable Photos of Dogs And Cows

Cattle cuties.
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Cute pigs of Reddit | thumbnail text - Pig

Perfect, Perky Pigs For A Perfect, Perky Day

Love us some adorable piglets
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story about a calf found suckling milk from its dead mother getting rescued and loving hugs thumbnail includes two pictures including a calf being operated on and another of a calf hanging out with a person and other animals

Tiny Helpless Calf Gets Rescued And Learns How To Love Humans And Hugs

Now, there's nothing she loves more than hugs.
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thumbnail of cow by fireplace  "People are bringing their farm animals into their living rooms Texas so they don't freeze death."

Texans Brought Their Farm Animals Into Their Home During The Snowpocalypse (Thread)

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pictures of fawns hanging out with other animals thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a fawn resting curled up on a dog's paws and another of a fawn and cat touching noses

Wholesome Fawns Being Deer Friends With Other Animals

the most innocent of friendships
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