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video of pandas and animals eating mooncakes with friends | thumbnail left three pandas one eating mooncake, thumbnail right panda climbing in tree and eating mooncake

Squad Of Giant Pandas Enjoy A Mid Festival Mooncake Feast With All Their Friends (Video)

We love ourselves a celebratory feast, especially when we're celebrating something as amazing as the moon! The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival was introduced to Japan 1,000 years ago and spread across the country. The main customs for the Japanese are offering sacrifices to the moon and celebrating the harvest during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Watch this squad celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival with a delicious mooncake feast! The gifting and eating of mooncakes is arguably the most emblematic featureā€¦
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Happy Elephants are Treated to a 7 Day Picnic

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I Came Dressed For the Occasion

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I gots da fancee...

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Grandma Kitteh sez... wen i waz kitten wi haz no fancy feasts and laser toyz wi haz mouse to play wif n den wi eat it

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