I Can Has Cheezburger?


Got something in your eye? Well beauty is beholden within it, so be extra careful, and keep an eye out for these hilarious ocular puns and jokes

corgi that has one eye and two noses is living happily with two other corgis thumbnail has a picture of a corgi with one eye and two noses

Cheerful Corgi Has One Eye And Two Noses

Corgi born with one eye and two noses is living happily with two other corgis
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photos eye stink animals - 5185797

20 Animals Who Are Giving You The Stink Eye

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Or elephants

cat cry birdie sky eye caption dirty pretty cows - 8972202240
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Is That a Color?

eye girls caption - 8812519168
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It's Super Effective!

kitten eye Cats - 8449089792
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Eye-Eye, Captain

captain eye - 7754038272
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Dropped contact

eye field glasses grass help search - 6352987136
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Also do impression of you putting mascara on.

eye eyes face impression - 6310566656
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If a cat winks at me

code eye language secret talk wink - 6099134976
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Why do they call them readers?

books eye glasses paper read sigh - 6182487040
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Creepicute: Eye See You

butterfly creepicute eye face kid weird - 6125296896
By Unknown

Instant Karma

bounce eye hit karma kids laugh laughing mean Owl rock - 6059538176
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Land Ho!!!

cat eye lolcat ocean Pirate pretend sail ship - 6073986304
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Perfecting 'stink-eye'

age best of the week caption captioned cat early eye Hall of Fame kitten perfect practice stink stink eye - 5751556096
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beautiful eye eyes gaze gazing reindeer squee spree stare Staring unbearably squee - 5560447744
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Mai ebil eye

caption captioned cat evil eye it let me my show Staring you - 5375622656
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