I Can Has Cheezburger?


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20 Strange Cat Behaviors Explained

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Fabulous doesn't even begin to explain how good I look in these

animals cat fabulous look explain good caption - 8575106816
See all captions By HokieGirl74

Not Really

wtf explain wall funny - 7640846336
See all captions By Bear_NH

Akshually NO

captions explain tree explanation Cats - 6868180480
See all captions By alisaorrdaisy

Hope This Clears That Up for Good

explain moose - 6805768704
See all captions By jambuzz

Classic LOLcat

classic classics evil explain plan - 6336148224
By Unknown

I Has A Hotdog: I can explain...

explain explanation puppy spaniel standing trouble uh oh wait - 6266180608
See all captions By larscog

Step 1: Push Frank out the window

911 call crime explain one out push step two window - 5935659520
See all captions By Macska


caption captioned cat costume dressed up embarrassing explain guys picture work - 5370652416
See all captions By anamenomena

No time to explain! Just get in!

caption captioned cat explain get Hall of Fame in just meme no peeking time TO toilet - 5383923456
See all captions By worksucks

cold noms go in.

cant caption captioned cat cold explain in magic meme microwave noms out that warm - 5363220480
See all captions By Chris10a

so smart

but can cant caption captioned cat caveat explain human reading stupid understand - 5159531008
See all captions By Winnie-Wonka

You want me

calvin and hobbes caption captioned cat explain me next one question too want you - 5127161088
See all captions By MallardVHS


caption captioned cat cat hair cheating demanding evidence explain explanation hair question rhetorical upset - 4205742848
See all captions By DyannLynn


bra explain labrador stuck trouble - 2590838272
See all captions By Unknown
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