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story about a goldfish being taught how to drive on land | thumbnail includes two pictures of a goldfish driving a fish tank on land

In Defiance Of The Laws Of Nature, Scientists Teach Goldfish To Drive On Land

2022 is gon' be weird, y'all.
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video of cheetahs reacting to a robot dog | thumbnail includes a picture of a cheetah in front of a robot dog

Cheetahs Reacting To Robodog In Zoo Robot Research Testing Enrichment Program (Video)

The first experiment of its kind.
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video of cats not being confused at all by an optical illusion | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat sniffing an optical illusion sinkhole

Attempting To Bamboozle Cats With An Optical Illusion Sinkhole (Video)

Will they be confused???
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funny video of people who "hate" cats try living with one for one week - thumbnail of woman and cat

People Who 'Hate' Cats Live With Cat For One Week (Video)

Just can't hate cats
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How Far Will a Cat Reach For A Piece Of Meat

Cool Experiment: How Far Will a Cat Reach For A Piece Of Meat

Cat experiment
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hair cleaning experiment sofa Cats Video - 93511169

What Is The Best Cleaning Solution For Cat's Hair On The Sofa

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matching dogs to owner experiment

Strangers Were Asked To Match Dogs To Their Owners And The Results Are Hilarious

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tracking internet fascinating photos experiment Cats - 88753921

"I Know Where Your Cat Lives" is a Fascinating Experiment You Must Read About

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experiment big cats pounce Video - 59408641

Never Turn Your Back on Big Cats!

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Seven Days of Worthwhile Experimentation

experiment cows - 7992664576
Created by Unknown
experiment pet science Video - 47255041

LOLcats Meets Science! Why Do Cats Like Being Pet?

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Damn Cat Just Doesn't Care

cat experiment psychology g rated School of FAIL Cats - 6936500224
Created by Unknown

Chase ALL The Kittehs!

table experiment what breed - 6642439168
Created by stevieb0y

Matter over Mind

bone dachshund experiment treat - 6609020160
See all captions Created by TuckerBentley

It Must Work This Time! She's the Last One We Received From the Institution!

experiment historic lols lightning science vintage - 5742526976
See all captions Created by Falloonacy

We've replaced Gladys' regular towel

angry caption captioned cat difference experiment filled lets-see meme replaced replacement towel - 5736822272
See all captions Created by IrishShinobi
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