existential crisis


Cats On Catnip Having Existential Crises

Cats high on catnip. 'nuff said. Existential crisis galore. 

What is life? Why is wet food wet? Is the red dot a true enemy? If it's not, why do I keep trying to catch it? And if is, how does it keep slipping from right underneath my paws? Do I really want to catch it or am I letting it live by choice? How do humans stay clean if they never lick themselves? Do I even want to sniff their shoes? Why can I no longer fit in the shoe? I remember I used to fit in it. It must have shrunk. But why can't I open the wet food cans with my claws but the humans open the wet food cans without any claws at all? And how do I-

pictures of cats high on catnip thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat making a funny face and a another of a cat licking its nose and leaning on a scratching post
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