I Can Has Cheezburger?


Fotograffik ebidens....

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Shortly after this picture

after basement cat caption captioned cat Cats evidence picture - 5224666880
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Your opinion is irrelevant.

bed best of the week blankets boxer evidence facts proof resting sleep unimpressed wake up - 4015090944
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But You Should Never Trust a Cat With Important Documents!

animals Cats evidence I Can Has Cheezburger paper - 5093029888
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Rules of Failure:

attempt caption captioned cat destroy dont evidence first rules tie tried - 5052399360
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Meet Miss D. Meaner.

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The dog's story

caption captioned cat couch evidence lie moving murder plot story - 4991219712
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caught crime evidence FAIL puppy whatbreed - 4724996096
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Spilleded katsup?

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