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video covering wooly mammoth tusk discovery | thumbnail image of tusk and image of wooly mammoth

Woolly Mammoth Tusk From Ice Age Found in 'Once in a Lifetime' Discovery (Video)

An amazing discovery
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animals painted in chalk in the hills of England | thumbnail includes two picture of horses made of chalk drawn on hills 'people carved trenches 3,000 years ago and filled them with chalk in the shape of a horse but what's interesting is that if you fail to maintain the horse by adding new chalk regularly, it will disappear. for 3,000 years, we've been filling in chalk in this horse so it doesn't disappear.'

Animals Drawn In Chalk In The Hills Have Been Maintained For Thousands Of Years

People getting together to do something amazing.
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three hyrax pups born at chester zoo

Three Adorable Hyrax Pups Have Been Born At Chester Zoo

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sea england ocean amazing jellyfish Video - 547846

Divers Capture Footage Of A Ginormous Jellyfish!

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england employees Cats cafe - 5102341

In This Cat Cafe, The Cats Themselves Are The Hiring Managers

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ride england pony Cats Video - 89508353

Cats Rides His Best Friend Pony Around the English Countryside

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Adorable Ducks Get Adorable Duck Lanes in England

British Ducks get Duck lanes.
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drugs england Video - 44698881

Meet Paddy, the NHS's Drug-Sniffing Dog

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england field football how running scared soccer sports Video - 33504513

VIDEO: Football Fan Kitteh

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england graphs politics silly Video voting wtf - 19079937


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