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17 wholesome cat memes about people who have deep emotional connections with their cats | Thumbnail includes a tabby cat sitting and looking at the camera and a picture of a sleeping cat reaching its paw to a human 'This is the kindest expression I've ever seen in my life. No one has ever looked at me with this much empathy and understanding. I've never had a connection with a cat until I got Willow, and today as she was sleeping she reached out to make sure I was still close.'

17 Wholesome Cat Memes For People Who Have Deep Emotional Connections With Their Feline Friends

No greater bond in the world
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19 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people share photos of their cats exhibiting emotions | Thumbnail includes a picture of a white and orange cat hugging its owner 'Tell me that cats don't exhibit emotions. Go ahead, try.'

Photos Of Cats That Prove They Have Emotions: Twitter Thread

Cats have feelings too!
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21 screenshots of a twitter thread with judgemental cats | Thumbnail includes two judging cats 'The council shall decide your fate'

20 Judgemental Cats Decide Your Fate: A Twitter Thread

Always silently judging you
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tumblr posts proving that cats are not cold thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - catpda Follow how can ppl say cats dont have feelings like. when my cat got deadly sick she refused to eat a single thing and it had been days but when i started crying she ate just a little bit, and upon seeing how happy it made me, kept doing it whenever she could. now whenever im sad or crying she finds wherever i am with a mouthful of food and eats the pieces one by one, every time looking up at me making'

Tumblr Posts Proving That Cats Are Not Cold-Hearted

If you think they don't have feelings, you're wrong.
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funny blurry pics of animals mid scream - thumbnail includes two blurry images one of a cat and one of a group of owls

Blurry Mid-Scream Animals Pics

If 2020 had a face
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images worth 1000 words beautiful photography amazing animals cats dogs | adorable kitten touching foreheads with a cow bending down

Pictures Worth More Than 1000 Words (24 Images)

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goats study facial expressions

Goats Are Able To Understand Human Facial Expressions

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help wise emotions bunny - 7842309

5 Steps From 'The Wise Bunny' To Help You Recognize Your Emotions

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goats research happy emotions - 6628613

According To a New Research, Goats Can Tell When You're Happy

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portraits of animals expressing emotions

21 Portraits Of Animals That Prove They Can Express Wide Range Of Emotions

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Doggie Language

behavior best of the week charts emotions Hall of Fame infographic language - 6074283776
Via Doggie Drawings


classics dance dancing emotions happy human-like standing table - 5650951936

You Have Those?

crying depressed emotions roflrazzi - 5381515776
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arguing blind caption captioned cat Cats control emotions empty fighting shaking tail upset - 5127129856
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Faces of Kitteh

caption captioned cat emoticons emotions faces lol rofl - 4882225408
Created by Sybelle_Delilah


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